Notch after upgrading to win11

just upgraded to win11, anything looks ok except one thing: i have now a little notch in the center zone of my SC2 in rf2 :grimacing: nothing changed but win11. same profile as before upgrading, which perfect till 5 minutes before upgrade. has anyone else such issue?

Operating on Simucube 2 Ultimate and everything working normally on Win 11, iRacing.

I’m getting some odd behavior in AMS1. It feels like a notchy center (slow speed in pits) and then occasional mild pull to the right when traveling faster on track.

I updated my Chipset / network / PCIe drivers today but, have not updated to Win11 yet.

I just checked for the same result in AMS2 and it’s not an issue there.
I’ll update here if I find any more cases.

i found out that if i unistall the SC2 driver in windows device manager and restart my pc the notch disappears, but next time i turn on yhe pc the notch is back :no_mouth:
can the center frequency filter be envolved? it’s disabled right now, and looks like the notch filter is not working this way. i’m i wrong?

The filters that run on the device cannot possibly know anything about whether or not the Windows device driver is running / has been installed / has just been reinstalled.

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Could be wrong but AFAIK there is no dedicated driver for the Simucube 2. It shows up in the hardware, like a printer. There is of course a driver necessary for the USB from main board. Couldn’t it be hardware related? Like QR attachment?

USB drivers was my first idea, but on the donwload page of my mobo (MSI MEG Z490 ACE) there are no USB drivers available for win11 right now.

so which filter can i try to eliminate this notch?

ok, iv’e found that win11 is not involved in this. the cause of the notch was a combination of reconstruction filter on"1 minimum, fast" and slew rate on “off”. if i move recon above 7 the notch is gone but the whhel feel less alive, if i just move down slew rate to the opposite side of cursor which is o.10 i have no nothc and better feeling. which combination of these values do you recommend for rf2 @Mika?

I do not have anything to comment on this as I do not play rfactor 2 myself.

Does the notch appear to you in any other games?

Nope, it appears just in rf2 and this specific profile, which I like about clarity of ffb