Not Able to Save Settings in TrueDrive


I have recently acquired an SC2 Pro and am trying to set everything up. I downloaded TrueDrive 2021.1 and went through the firmware update. The problem I am having at the moment is that I am not able to save changes I make within TrueDrive. According to the user manual, Pg. 22, there is supposed to be a section at the bottom of the window that contains a ‘save settings’ button. This is not present, and I can’t resize the program window to make it visible. I have no way of saving settings to the base. If I change something, then I loose those settings as soon as the power cycles on the base. I have tried dropping down a version on the software, but no luck. Not really sure what is going on. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Attached is the page in the User Manual I am referring to. I am not able to see section 3. TrueDrive User Manual

Have you created a new profile, and not trying to use the default safe profile?

Yes, and when I close the software and reopen, the profiles I create are gone because I can’t save them

Please give a screenshot of that profile page just before you are trying to save.

Here is a screenshot if the “Overview” page as shown in the user manual. Section 3 is not visible:

Here is a screenshot of the “Profile Settings” page:

Can you try to make the window a little taller?

What resolution are you using in Windows? We are not testing with 720p or less vertical resolution anymore.

Just below the Advanced Mode tab, 2nd screenshot, ~ in the middle left side of the window, click on "New profile’ and then enter a unique name, eg test 1 or whatever you’d like to call it. After this, click the ‘set as default’ button just above, and then try adjust and safe parameters, let us know if that works…

But anyway, Mika is here now too, he is the best guy to get you going if my simple actions wont.


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It was the screen resolution. I was running 1202x676 as this seemed to work best on my old TV. I changed the resolution to 1280x720 and this fixed the problem. Thanks. Strange that I have not run into problems with any other application while using 1202x676, but who knows. I suppose a new monitor should be next on the upgrade list. Thanks again for the help.

Edit: I will also add that I got some laps in last night. Tested both ACC and RF2. It was no doubt impressive in ACC, but as soon as I left the pits in RF2, my jaw pretty much hit the floor. Serious piece of equipment you folks have created here.