Not able to connect granity tool to SimuCube

I’m setting up a new SimuCube and can’t seem to get the Granity tool to connect to it. I was able to upload new firmware to it using the DFUSeDemo tool and the SimuCube configuration tool is able to connect. I’m using the configuration tool to “Enable IONI Mode”. The weird part is in the device manager the simuCube is showing up as a “human interfacing device” rather than a COM port which is how my other simuCube appears.

The end goal is to be able to control this SimuCube with a program that communicates using the SimpleMotion api. Do you have any ideas of what the issue could be, is it a setup mistake I made? Another driver that needs to be installed?

Thanks for any help.

You need to enable the IONI Configuration Mode to access the Simplemotion bus, and you must connect via the other USB port.

If you plan to use Simplemotion bus exclusively, and not have to always enable the Simplemotion mode, you might want to consider installing just the Simucube bootloader with reset all settings dfu file, and never install the firmware itself.

What do you mean “other USB port” currently I have both usb ports connected to the computer. Is that not correct?

How would I go about installing the SimuCube bootloader? DFUSeDemo isn’t able to connect since I updated the firmware?

You would force the microcontroller to dfu mode using the dip switches. Remember to cycle them when powered off.

Thanks! It looks like that fixed the issue.