Noob questions SC Ultimate

Hi All sorry but I cant find answers for this, two questions, is it normal that when PSU is conected to wall and it’s switched OFF light on box is still working (green one and red logo).
Second one is about beeping during racing, when there is some “spin” situation wheel beeps and ffb is cut off is it normal behavior?
Thanks a lot in advance for helping with this.

Yes and yes.

For the second one, reduce hands-off sensitivity, or disable it if it is no concern to you. I run it disabled, but you can reduce it for start…but anyway, it is normal behaviour in default state.


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thanks for answer I think for now I will leave it on as this base can surprise :slight_smile:

One more if I can is it also normal that base is making some small noise during usage, it’s like vibration sound. Thx in advance for help
Sound ar ending us one I’m concern.