Noisy Simucube 2 PRO with FFB loss

Hello Comunity

Have a Simucube 2 PRO and yesterday after a 1h30m race in iRacing, the motor started to make some weird noises and increasing more with a loss of force feddback, i have turned off the base and turned on again but the noise remain and increasing every time i play. The Force feedback does not feel the same every time i play, and sometimes after some minutes force feddback goes to zero with steering wheel turning left and right.
Center point is different every time i turn on, and force feedback is very weak in high torque.
Have everything up to date and i only play iRacing.

When I used it for the first time the motor was super silent and strong force feddback and now is very weak. Installed previous truedrive and firmware but problem remains.
What should i do ?

Best Regards
Bruno Vieira