Noise of simucube2 pro

I always have this kind of noise when I use it. I’m worried about the quality
I tried to adjust any parameters, but it couldn’t be solved
Do you have the same problem?

Same problem for me!!!

It makes me easily distracted when playing games

It’s from 2017 and a SimuCUBE1, but i never had problems with it and look here, what noises come from it. There are big mecanical work but the niose comes from the detailed movement.
If it feels like metall, put the recon to maximum and then you feel rubber.

What i want so say, “Noises are not an indice to damage”.

Turn it off and rotate it, when it feels like sand in gear, okay, there are a problem, but when it rotate smooth, i think it’s all fine.

Same here…I didn’t notice it in the previous firmware.

I have the same noise issue, opened already a support case and the support wrote me that this is normal.

Simucube 2 sport

Thats normal Sergio, your filters/ingame Ffb are not set properlly causing oscillations plus you have very low wheel Range (180⁰?), then Torque Clipping beeps are doing its job beeping every time the wheel reach full lock/100%ffb

the first video is rally (Richard Burns) 540, the second video is assetto corsa 900 degrees.

My current configuration for assetto corsa is:
Damping 12%
Friction 5%
Inertia 8%
Static Force 40%
Slew Rate OFF
Reconstruction filter 7 (unlimited)
low latency OFF

Take a look at you RBR settings because your wheel is stoping at ±90⁰, if TrueDrive is @540⁰ then It must reach those ±270⁰ when oscillating like in your video.

Can’t help about AC because I feel the same as you, looks like very harsh Signal is reaching our SC2 bases, so it may be a common issue