No understeer force felt in ANY sim games

Hello guys, i need some help understanding how to attack this problem. I used different wheels in the past (Fanatec CSL Elite, then upgraded to the Clubsport base V2.5 to finally the Simucube 2 Pro) but i never felt the understeer effect (wheel going lighter when loosing grip) in any games. I tried Asseto Corsa, Project cars 2, Raceroom, Assetto Corsa Competizione. I feel the OVERsteer effect (the wheel tend to turn the opposite way, this effect is working. But for the understeer the “force” doesn’t change. It’s always constant no matter if i have grip or if i lose grip from the front end.

Does anyone have any idea from where this problems comes? I don’t think it’s the simucube’s fault since it was the same with the other 2 Fanatec bases. Can it be the motherboard usb ports?

Anyone ever had this weird bug?


Understeer is very difficult to simulate and communicate to the steering axis, and the physics engine of the simulator, especially its tire model, is the key in this.

I get the best understeer feeling in iRacing…

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Really? It’s the only sim i didn’t try yet. Do you think if i change the motherboard on my pc will somehow change anything?

No, motherboard does not process any FFB data.

I can sometimes feel it in iracing, but not always. And if it is there, it’s very subtle.

Has nothing to do with your USB ports or hardware IMO.

AC has Enchance Understeer flag.
Have you tried that?
But to be honest I never felt it lacking even without flag.

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In PC2 I haven’t noticed the lack of understeering, or it just didn’t concern me enough, although i can say that its FFB is not the best out there and. The same case for AC, it never bothered me. In both games though i have to say that usually this feeling is not usually too strong, but rather perceivable. Of course everything depends on your settings in TD and ingame (different flavors in PC2 give very different FFB) as well as the type of car (or mod used). So, i would suggest you to try fiddling with your FFB settings. BTW i totally agree with Andrew_WOT’s comment.

Thanks for the replies guys, i’ll definitely investigate more and fiddle with the settings in TD and games.

Much appreciated!

I can feel understeer in ACC at 18% FFB gain. The feeling is subtle but you can notice the wheel becoming lighter.

@PORKOLITO Try Audi 90 gto on Iracing… :wink:

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I play ACC exclusively at the moment and understeer is felt pretty clearly with my setup. Really satisfied how that is communicated through the steering.

I remember AC with activated understeer enhancement understeer being way too overcommunicated.

I get near zero sense of under-steer in iRacing; it’s the least communicative title in that regard for me, next to DR2 (Tarmac). PC2 / ACC are pretty subtle in that regard, AC / R3E are very good as they can combine both a drop-off effect and tactile vibration. AMS / rF2 are clearly the very best for me; they both provide a variable but, progressive-building of resistance leading up to the threshold of front grip-loss.

rF2 ffb is easily the most immersive for me, as it provides an incredible sense of intense cornering grip vs front grip-loss while still offering some margin whereby I can judge how hard to push (or cool / save) the tires. ACC on the other hand, has more subtle cues that may arrive too late to be as useful (imo).

I think we can adapt and get used to subtleties in different title’s ffb quite well given enough time but, rF2 and AMS have set the bar imo, that all others are forever likely to be judged by.

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I think there’s something wrong with the way you’ve set up your FFB for iRacing if you can’t feel understeer.

I’ve tested both the SC1 and AccuForce with iRacing over the years, the ffb feels numb and lifeless in regard to front grip-loss. It may be that I’m so used to how it works in other titles. I’ve also tried irffb but, didn’t find it to be very effective. I think it just comes down to personal preference.

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Hi Porkolito. This has nothing to do with the hardware (wheel and computer) and everything to do with the game you’re playing, FFB settings (in-game and out of game), even car-setup.

I was playing Automobilista yesterday and the feeling of understeer was terrible; there is literally no feeling at all. So I did all sorts of tests and can confirm the FFB is literally not changing at all during slight understeer, heavy understeer, etc. - very disappointing. I then changed to a different car and the FFB then did have some slight changes during understeer so it can also be the car.

Really? Damn it’s good to know i’m noing going crazy. I was near buying another morherboard to just see if this was the case. Thanks for your testing. Indeed yeah a big part is car tunning. But that’s a whole new topic! hehe

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Not many titles convey tire-scrub really well imo. I find the best to be rFactor2 however, it’s as much a result of progressive resistance leading up to grip-loss as anything but, the fine detail (surface texture) is also elevated so it’s more effective imo. rF2’s method also allows for a variable wide-range of front grip loss detection.

AMS is similar to rFactor2 (no surprise there), again, surface detail helps define and elevate our sense of front grip-loss (under-steer). If you run higher Recon-filter or enough dampening, that detail becomes more muted.

AC & RaceRoom rely more on a drop-off in resistance as front grip-loss occurs, although the effect can also be enhanced by the canned “Slip” effect (vibration) to aid in our sense of under-steer.

Without some form of “canned” ffb-effect to represent tire-scrub, our ability to sense it clearly is somewhat limited in that we have to spend enough time to become well acclimated to the title’s unique - perhaps very subtle way of communicating under-steer.

Unfortunately, finding the sweet spot where such fine detail is most evident while the overall steering behavior remains most realistic (Dampened / filtered), may often be conflicting with the goal of sensing under-steer most effectively.

  • I like AC understeer presentation the most.
    Never liked “enhanced understeer” as it was exaggerating effect too much, and should be reserved for duller consumer wheels.
    With it off wheel already clearly gets lighter when slip starts, and with Slip effect at around 10% you also get very nice shudder from the tires when that happens.
    Excessive damping can mask this effect though, one of the reasons to keep it on a low side.
  • rFactor2 has way too much of it, making it feel almost artificial, dominating all other steering effects.
  • ACC presentation on the other hand is very subtle and is present at very narrow range of slip angle. Accordingly to Kunos physics guru, this is actually more accurate representation of GT car racing tires.

Thanks for the link. I completely missed that video.

Some really fascinating stuff from Aris with a ton of information I can learn from.

I do like the way AC can communicate under-steer. I still prefer rF2 most - at least with the new S397 GT / GTE cars, as they don’t rely on the sudden fall-off effect, just ramping up of resistance and bump effects.

If I spend enough time in ACC, perhaps I might adapt to the subtle and narrow under-steer effect but, I’m still disappointed that Kunos doesn’t offer some adjustment for a scrub-effect / tire-slip effect. It’s so subtle that it just leaves me wanting, realistic or not. From my RL Auto-cross experience, under-steer is rarely in doubt when it occurs.

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