No Steam sims functioning with Sc2 Sport

Hi all, so today I booted for the first time my Sc2 Sport, and it’s working only with iracing. Tried with any other Steam sims - Ac, Acc, R3E, Rf2, Pcars2 - and no one detects the steering inputs, the steering wheel commands and also the He Pro pedals inputs. Basically, I have something that just works with my less preferred sims at the moment. Any idea before I ask for a refund?
All hardware is regularly detected and functioning, TD is up to date. No vjoy, no irffb, no nothing.

How do you have the SC2 and pedals connected to the PC. Is it directly or through usb hubs etc?

Most likely it is a configuration issue on your computer. My quick idea would be to check if Steam is somehow trying to use your controls - check Steam settings.

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they are connected directly to pc no hubs

OK, thanks.

This is strange and it seems like a PC configuration problem as Mika has suggested. I could understand if no games could detect the wheelbase but iracing does so you must be connected ok.

So, if you go into Raceroom (for example), does the game detect your hadware and list it like my picture below?

Also, can you check your Steam controller settings.

From the top left menu - Click Steam - Settings - Controller - General Controller Settings

Should look like this:



That was exactly the problem, I solved thanks to my dear friend @bladerunner2308
How can I mark the thread as solved?


Good news!

What did you have to change to solve the issue?

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So what do you think of the sport? Would be good to hear some feedback. Not many have said anything about it yet.

Run a ton of laps and report back!:):grin:

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honestly, you must ask directly to @bladerunner2308, we made a teamviewer session and solved the issue.
@Joe. I owned an OSW small mige for 2 years before getting this sc2 sport, I got just a couple of hours into it but I must say it is a HUGE improvement, don’t know if it is due to the new filters or to this tiny magic motor, but believe me it is worth every cent I spent and very day I waited for it.
Also, thanks @Mika and all the guys involved in this, this is truly simracing bliss, more than ever before.
And if this is the “little” of the SC2 family, I really can only imagine what the other two are capable of!


Very cool! I am starting to get excited about the SC2 sport. :smile: