No Simucube Logo on Ultimate?

Finally mounting my Ultimate, I searched but didn’t find an answer.

My Ultimate serial number 0524 does not have any logo on it. I saw it in all the pictures.

Any reason its not printed on some (mine)


If I remember right, for the time being there is 3 units that has the logo and rest of the SC2 Ultimates does not have the logo. We are thinking to add the logo in the future production batches but we were not able to find acceptable quality laser engraving company in the needed time frame. At the beginning we basically had a company to do it for a short time for us but once they started to laser engrave the motors wrongly in series, we had to stop the cooperation with them as each mistake had a cost that was unacceptable for them to cover and for us accept. Each SC2 Ultimate motor has a high price tag and it is not low cost option to scrap these motors. Even repainting is one type of challenge.

So in short, your SC 2 Ultimate is not an exception. Other “option” was to stop SC2 Ultimate production and keep customers waiting for unknown amount of time. We thought not to do that (leave the customers out for waiting) and left the laser engraving out. After all, it has no effect on the product performance which for us is high priority and cannot be compromised.


No worries, more room for cool stickers got to find heat resistant ones though