No more wireless connection

I have no more wireless connection with my two steering wheels, ASHER and the other NSH
The NSH is no longer recognized, and the ASHER connect / disconnect every 2 seconds, on the other hand it wrote the name of the steering wheel on the software, but no button works.

Version triedrive 2022.7
Simucube 2 pro: revision 1

Have you replaced batteries in the wheels?

No I did not touch the batteries on the two steering wheels

The two steering wheels are almost new, I have used them very little.


Please make a support ticket so we can run some steps to find out where the issue is.

I did a complete reinstall of the software, the NSH steering wheel now works, but the ASHER still does not. I will buy a new battery to be sure. I’ll let you know thank you

What kind of signal reception strength are you getting on the NSH wheel? We should rule out any issue with the wheel base antenna if your unit has an antenna.

100% signal with NSH

The ASHER constantly connects and disconnects. I tell myself that it may be the battery that was defective, I ordered the new one I receive it at the end of the week

yep, sounds like its battery. The battery cell used in Ascher wheels is a bit peculiar,as it will show 3.6 V even if its actually almost completely empty. Wheel uses some energy when connection is made, and that current draw can cause the battery voltage to drop, which causes the wheel electronics to reboot instantly.

I confirm it was the battery that was defective for the ascher steering wheel

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