No login = no profiles? That's harsh

Sometimes TrueDrive logs me out and I have to login when I start it up. That’s fine, if annoying, but if I don’t login I don’t have access to any profiles I created.

Online profiles are displayed and I can search for my own but what if I don’t have internet?

Seems like I should always have an offline cache of my profiles so that if the internet goes down, the SimuCube/Granite Devices website ever goes down, or I don’t have internet wherever I am, or for whatever reason, I should still have my data.

There is exactly the offline cache implemented in the offline mode. There you have all the online profiles you have used.

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Ah, good. I didn’t notice the button in the bottom-right.

Bro, I need to go and buy some reading glasses. I lost all of them… dropped 1 here… forgot 1 there. And all the tiny text is driving me crazy. Have to hold it very far away, and it doesn’t even help anymore…:sob:
Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!!!