No imput reading

Everything seems working, initialization work properly but not the imput positions. I can move the wheel left and right but no detection either in windows device test and in simucube software.
What can be?
Thank you

Your encoder is not working properly. There is no error checking possible for the sincos or quadrature encoder modes, so if you have for example a Biss-c encoder and your servo drive settings are for sincos or quadrature, you will get this behavior.

Ok sorry Idon’t know Where is the encoder? How to change mode? Can be broken the encoder?

This is my system, firmware is updet to the last version.
P.S. the system worked properly for the last few years and suddenly stop to work while in a race. Never connected again with Granity software.
Thank you

I have done the connection with Granity.

It seems i have the SinCos encoder 256x.

If the position feedback indicator in the last tab does not update when you turn the wheel, the encoder is not giving out signal anymore.

Thank you just to understand you’re talking about this parameter.

If this stay at zero the encoder is dead. Please can you tell me if it’s possible to buy it? Thank you.

Yes, that is the indicator. It is either a wiring issue or issue with the encoder.

We do not sell encoders, but it may be possible for you to source one from the motor manufacturer.