No Force Feedback after upgrade from MMOS

I just upgraded my Simucube box from MMOS. Everything appeared to upgrade fine. However, I have no force feedback effects at all. The Simucube Configuration tool does allow me to adjust friction and damping, and these DO appear at the wheel, but I have no bumpstops nor do I have any forcefeedback in any game.

Any quick thoughts on what to check for in my setup? Everything was working great under MMOS.

Thanks, and I can recover firmware versions and other details if needed (small MIGE, simucube board, ionidrive).

Here’s my settings:

Which titles are you testing this on?

Do you have bumpstops enabled?

please show all the settings from Simucube and also from Granity.

I’ve tried Project Cars, PC2, Asseto Corsa, and Dirt Rally. No FFB in any titles.

I have bump stops enabled, but there is no bump stop effect on the wheel.

The only FFB effect I get at all is friction and damping.

Here’s my setting from Granity:

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Thanks so much. There’s a Granity screen shot above. I can get additional screen shots for you when I’m back at the machine on Wednesday evening.

A few more bits:

  1. Windows sees the Simucube as a game controller. It sees the wheel rotation just fine. Only FFB is missing.
  2. Friction and inertia effects ARE working within the Simucube app. Bump stops are NOT working within the app. I had thought (under MMOS) that bump-stops were native within the simucube and did not involve any Windows FFB? If this is true, then the problem is within the Simucube
  3. I unplugged all my other USB devices, and tried moving the Simucube to different ports. Still no FFB.
  4. I’ve tried several Windows games and an FFB simulator. No FFB under any of these.
  5. At the suggestion of Tomo, I refreshed all the firmware, including reseting the servo (via a DCU?) file.
  6. I removed all versions of MMOS software from my build, and have rebooted my PC several times. Still no FFB.

Still trying to track this down. I’ve removed/reset all cables. I do get rotation of the wheel on startup, so I know the motor is working, which I also know from the working friction/inertia effects within the app.

Thanks again for the help, its really appreciated.

Joe M.

This is very strange indeed. I will PM you tomorrow, so that we can try to find the issue together!

I’ve finished several hours of additional testing. Still no FFB. Here’s what I tried:

I checked and re-checked all motor settings in Granity. Screenshots below.

I move the system to an entirely different Windows 10 Gaming PC. This second PC didn’t work, either. I’m 100% certain the issue is somewhere in the Simucube/Mige setup.

I WAS able to get motor movement in the test screen in Granity. I have a video of this if you’d like.

In sum, I get motor movement on startup calibration, in friction/initeria effects in Simucube, and in the test program in Granity. No other FFB appears anywhere, including all Windows 10 programs, games, and test apps.

At this point, I really think we’re dealing with a bad piece of hardware? My dealer has said he’ll replace the Simucube board and Ioni drive if that’s the next logical step.

Thanks again,

Joe M.



Second PC brought in for testing.

This is very strange indeed.

Can you try downgrading to 0.10.4 for example? Instruction to do so is to start manual firmware update via 0.11 version, then quit when it says “found Simucube in firmware upgrade mode” and then start 0.10.4 Configuration Tool.


I downgraded to 10.4 (using your instructions, above), and all the FFB returned just fine. Working great in my sims, and the various Simucube options are all functional. I would add, the quality of the FFB is really an improvement over (the already excellent) MMOS.

I’m happy to keep working with you if you’d like to trace down where the problem in the later firmware versions is. I was reluctant to reflash to 0.11 since 0.10.4 is now working for me just fine. If you’d like me to try a few things to help figure out where the bug was introduced, just let me know.

Joe M.

OK, so there might be some niggling first-time-setup problem with 0.11.2.

You can try now to upgrade to that version to see if the issue persists, that would be helpful.

I updated to 0.11.2, and it’s working fine. No problems. Something about the direct upgrade from MMOS to 0.11.2 was perhaps an issue. None-the-less, everything is working great now. Thanks for the help, very much.

Joe M.


Thanks, I will investigate this issue for sure!