No FFB on new Simucube 2

Hi, I have just stepped into the world of Sim racing and I have no FFB, I have torque and car steers fine but No FFB. Ive been through the set up and cant see any issues. I have started with project cars 2 as have used this on gaming before, and want to go to I racing as soon as I have eveything working. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Sounds possibly like faulty or incorrectly connected emergency stop switch

Robert, thanks for the reply, I will take a look.

I’m saying that because the wheel still works without emergency switch but has no FFB

Simucube wheel bases do not start with E-stop button pressed, so something else is at fault here.

It is likely Project Cars 2 settings.

Thanks for the replies
I have just down loaded I racing and had a quick test, all works ok, so I think you are correct its Project cars 2. Does anyone know of any fixes for this as it has some tracks that I race on and wish to use the sim as practice. Any help or advice appreciated.