No FFB on new simucube 2 Pro after 1hr

Hi all got my simucube 2 Pro fitted today was all working fine for 45mins now no FFB in iracing. If you put it in low torque mode the engine has more resistance but just feels like constant 2nm torque any ideas?

Did you change any settings? does True Drive show any faults?

No setting changes just had some dinner went back to it and now this checked power supplys. No faults on TD
changed USB ports, USB cable, lights on the back of the unit go from blue to blue/red flashing in high torque mode and the wheel feels very strange

Mine looked like it went light from time to time and I switched off the auto detect hands off feature. Haven’t had the SC2 go light after that. Is that the same feeling you have?

So turned it on thismorning and feels fine will continue to have a play and see if the problem comes back but hope it doesn’t.