No FFB in iRacing when enabling high torque before launching the sim

Is this a known issue?
If I
1 launch true drive
2 turn on the wheel
3 enable high torque
4 launch the sim
I get no FFB unless I power cycle the wheel and enable high torque again

If you’re using VR, yes, it is a known issue. Easy to remedy when you’re in iRacing already, assuming this is iRacing?

yep VR and iRacing.
It’s not a big deal at all, just checking
thanks for the quick reply!

You can either recycle the power to the DD wheel, or, much easier, when in iRacing, enter the iRacing control panel, unticked ffb, exit CP, re-enter CP and tick ffb again.

All good :wink:

Just start VR before you power up SC

I switched from VR to triple (bit more connected with the family during the day)
Last week(s) I also noticed some strange behavior with TD and iRacing.
My “solution”

  • start PC
  • Turn on wheel and other parts of the rig
  • Launch TD and enable torque
  • Select profile, depending on GT or oval mood
  • disable e-stop and test if TD shows wheel rotation
  • no rotation, power cycle base and try again
  • start iRacing

My rig is not very close to the PC, so I do it this way, saves me some walking around

No wheel rotation after power on is strange for sure. I have had it happen once on my rig, and it was related to a firmware update of the servo drive causing something going wrong in the subsequent commanding.

Are there any faults visible in the True Drive at that point? The latest software version does show more faults than the earlier versions, even when the system is not fully initialized.

Tested my “fault” and can reproduce it.

  • Start PC
  • Start TD
  • Start SC2, WITH e-stop enabled
  • Change profile
  • enable high torque mode, base beeps
  • disable e-stop and rotate wheel : no motion in TD, TD shows e-stop enabled!!
  • checked last tab : no errors in TD
    TD-test1.txt (6.7 KB)

I can reproduce this every time I do it this way.

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It might be, that high torque mode enabling does something that prevents the firmware from advancing through to the main operational mode where the wheel position is being tracked. I will mark this as something to investigate - maybe we will disable the high torque mode button until the system has reached the Operational state.

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I had this happened few times to me, but not immediately after enabling High Torque, it was either getting out of StandBy or reactivating e-stop. Wheel animation in TD was not moving, axis in sim was dead too, the Status Message was "E-Stop is active’, recycling it did nothing requiring full servo reboot.