No feedback (Fault 481001)

Hi, my Simtag wheel has no feedback in simucube or games. It was working fine until I tried granity, I’ve not changed anything it just started giving the error after I save and exit granity.

Fault location ID1 481001
481001 SMV2 watchdog timeout Communication error

The wheel loads fine in simucube and is possible to use, there’s just no feedback at all and changing friction, damper etc does nothing whereas it used to change instantly.

Any help much appreciated.

Which firmware release are you running on it, and does the issue go away if you power off and back on the system? And, what did you adjust in Granity?

IONI drive firmware version 10720, simucube 1.0.40. Power off and back on doesn’t fix the issue. I was only browsing through granity, then it asked to save and reload when I switched tabs, after that there was no feedback. I think it’s something in granity as simucube isn’t reporting any errors, Fault register is showing SimpleMotion with a black dot.

If Granity prompted to save, then you probably inadvertently changed something. Can you post screenshot of all settings?

Yes it was strange as I didn’t intentionally change anything. Actually after save and reload the wheel was stuck stiff with tracking error which I fixed by setting FVT to 11000, was originally on zero.


Control mode is Velocity Control. Should be Torque Control in a FFB wheel.

Many thanks, that fixed it Mika - I must have swiped it by accident. Still have the same fault in granity but the wheel is working.

yeah, when Simucube firmware stops communicating the torque commands at high baudrate (=you push the enable IONI button), the Simucube firmware toggles the transmission to be enabled from the X4 USB port, and then IONI sees that “hey, I’m not being talked with anymore at high baudrate, and I must now switch to default baudrate”. So IONI drops to default baudrate due to watchdog timeout. That error is intentional.

Just one more question a bit ot. The PSU is NDR-480-48, which I installed after the SDR version so wondering if the power settings are right. MMC 25A and MPP 700W.

For NDR you should reduce the peak power limit to 480 W as it does not have the boost to 720 that the SDR has.

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