Newcomer in DD world question


Im pretty new to simucube world, in fact in Direct Drive world…So I got an Augury with the motor 18Nm 130ST m6025 with Biss-C, it comes preconfigured. But Im a curious guy.

  1. So I read through the wiki, and come accross the MCC and the MMC parameters and now Im confused. On the wiki page it says to look to the datasheet, so I got mine here

Like I said mine is preconfigured and has MCC at 19A and MMC at 23 (I have IONI PRO HC). But Data sheet says Constant 6A and max 18A. I Understood that you need to enter the peak of shine, and there is the formula, but even with that the values are not right.

  1. On tuning Tab there is a MUL/DIV parameter, mine are at 50, should it be that ? Why not 100/100 any difference/reason for that ?

I tested the motor like it comes, everything works great, but I need to understand a bit more of things

Thanks for your help.

These parameters control the the resolution and scales inside a servo drive. In essence, set them sufficiently high, and MUL=DIV.

Ok thank you. I didnt read that part. I dont get everything on this page, but I understant a bit more the purpose of it.

Any idea for my question about MCC and MMC ?

Those are typically set by the manufacturer to match your motor and the power supply that is installed on your unit.

you have the 130ST-M06025 ? curiosity and only , what have they set the MMS ?

Yes its this one, they put 2500

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