Newbie ffb struggle - problem initiating turns

I probably do something wrong as I’m fairly new. My general settings is around 11Nm in driver and using auto in iRacing. I added 10% damping and 3% friction. My biggest problem atm is initiating turns. When I try to initiate turn I feel like there is little deadzone. I feel nothing for a bit of movement and suddenly forces hit my wheel. I think it all should be smooth motion but i’m not sure how can I properly solve it. Do I change my filters or just mess with ingame gain/wheel strenght.

that’s just iracing ffb, it’s terrible, try non linear mode in game

This is really bad answer mate.

In TrueDrive set the Overall strength to 25nm.

In iRacing set the Wheel force to 25nm as well.
Set Max Force to around 50-80 depending on the car and stay away from the “AUTO” button.
Also Dampening, Min Force and so on to 0. Let Simucube handle it with the profile you use.

If you have more questions, I’ll try to help :slight_smile:

Yea the answer by @Whip unfortunately is not an answer and is actually factually incorrect as well…

The answer by @datoml is much closer to what you would need but there are a few things missing from your initial post that would make things easier to get some settings for you…

The First thing is what car are you using as this will let us know approx how much Telemetry force is being put to the wheel and in addition approx how much at the wheel force you are actually getting.

The Dead feeling around zero could be a combination of the Car being driven and the Specific Output (at the wheel strength to telemetry ratio) you are running at. i.e if you are running a car that outputs 40Nm in telemetry and you are running at a low .1:1 Specific output. then there is a =possibility that the information around center is NOT at an amplitude that can actually be felt through the wheel as it is actually meant to be 10x stronger.

the one thing to remember with Auto is that it normalizes every car at its Maximum telemetry output which means a car such as an indy car will feel as if you are missing information where a car like the MX5 could be even at 1:1 since all cars are set to have 100% telemetry = your Maximum wheel output force.

The fix is possibly a little bit of both as you want to get your strengths right but that can affect how you set your filtering.