Newbi questions

hi guys
I am new to this please b patient am enjoying my new simcube been driving on assetto my wheel seems to b working good however on pc2 I dont seem to be able to add assignmens for steering imputs left and right, sometimes it says multiple imputs detected then when I disconect everything it does not seem to detect any movments I used to have accuforce on there maybe thats causing a problem?
Also on my simecube config tool in the advanced tab I have “enable ioni usb conig” should this be enabled?
I have looked on line for info on the ioni usb and I am pretty sure I need to enable it but wanted to make sure b4 I blow the thing up :rofl:

On your assignment turn your wheel all the way to the stop…

I ve tried turning to bumpstop tried turning back to centre after tried turning half way then back to centre I cant get tit to recognise the input

I don’t remember if it was left or right but you need to assign one of the inputs to anything but what it is originally. That’s why you get the multiple inputs message. Then everything works fine.

Yeah its been a while, for me, what wheel did you select ?
Also I remember something about Steam controller needing to be cleared too.
I will look into it on the weekend, also delete your controller profile from the directory, then start again, that always worked for me.

ok guys thank you I might need some guidance clearing stuff from stream and directory, I am using custom wheel but it has the accuforce stored on there I will try assigning to anything tomorrow. Then if I can I will go on to calibrate the wheel, will report back later today

Yeah you are going to need to delete the config file in the Pcars directory, then reassign, thats probably the issue.
If you peruse the Pcars 2 forum with a deleting the controller file, i am sure it will pop up. Remember to record all you settings if you want to keep them, strengths percentages of FFB etc etc etc. May be wise to all you old file XXX.old to preserve it, its a PITA to redo all the settings.

Once deleted it will reset the file and you will be able to assign. I suspect.

C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Project CARS 2

thank you I will try this later got another question in assetto corsa is there a way to minimise the screen when racing so I can ajust my simcube settings I keep having to close the program adjust then reload test out the settings theres alot of back and forth thought I saw f11 key does this but it toggles rear view mirror when I press it

are you using content manager?

no I dont have any idea what that is I am new to sim racing

just been looking at content manager thank you:)

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Everything in AC so much easier and there is a ton of stuff you can do with it. Its a must have for AC.

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yeah sorry AC not on my PC,

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