New wheel at Simracingbay

Look what I just found.:slight_smile:)


Looks like a nice deal, wonder if people are still having issues with the wireless stuff ?

Judging by the number of issues being reported, there are no general issues with the wireless wheel system, certainly no more than flaky USB connections are causing.


I’m sure, but I still use a wired internet connection … lol

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Ordered one and it should be here Thursday for testing :smiley:


let me know your impressions cause I think I am going to buy it very soon, looks a great deal to me

That’s exactly what I thought. But I will for sure.

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I agree with you works smoothly in general,

gearshift paddles about, actually i think there is a problem
because it stays pressed
Simucube 2 True Drive, key 9.
problem solved when connecting with cable

I saw those who wrote the same complaints in the forum
by the way, I use GT Pro MOMO Wireless

That its an issue with the hall sensors on the Cube Controls gear shift paddles. Maybe they require more consistent grounding to work properly. Nothing to do with Simucube Wireless technology in general, just less than optimal design decision from Cube Controls.


From the pics, i have to say it looks very similar to my B16L-SC but at half weight? It’s price is definitely amazing and for sure i would go for it if hadn’t bought 4 months ago the Ascher. I could have saved a couple of hundred euros. Anyway its great to see that new products come to the market using the sc wireless tech.
Just also to confirm that the wireless in my B16L-SC has been working flawlessly and seamlessly with the SC pro. Always at 100% strength connection and always registering keys without any latency. Wireless technology is a must.

morpwr i am sure you are going to love it and please share your thoughts once you get it.


Looks nice!
Wheel looks just like the OMP Superquadro but if it’s a knock-off like the Fanatec GT Sport wheel, then it’s no good for DD motor. I had the Fanatec wheel and it has quite a bit of flex to it that just doesn’t feel good against high torque forces.

Looking forward to your review @morpwr

From wheel manual

I think it’s this one
Or from the the same manufacturer just unbranded.


I’ve been using a Motamec 320mm d-shaped on a SRC GT1 plate for many years now, on the OSW before and on the Sport now, never had any hint of flex whatsoever.

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Agreed, the Motamec is not bad.
The only thing I didn’t like about them is the rubber is a little softer than the Momo and Sparco wheels.

It feels a little squishy, but it is probably not as soft as a normal everyday street car.

Finally someone understands it! No 3d printed crap but full alu casing, magnetic shifters, premium buttons, for an honest price. Thanks for posting this, no brainer, immediately ordered! Pics will follow! :smiley:


I don’t think his next batch will be this inexpensive.
I can’t possibly see how he is making a profit. Maybe he isn’t on this batch?
One thing for sure is it will be top quality!!
Tomo will not sell junk!!:smile::smile:

Would be nice to know compatibility with other rims besides Momo Mod 30.
Of may be Tomo can post 1:1 buttonbox pdf template so anyone can print and check fit against specific rim.

Well I got screwed on the wheel because it didn’t get delivered but the button box is top quality. Very happy so far. Be nice if I had the rim to use it. :wink: That isn’t his fault though.


So they come in different shipments?
Any pic to show?:wink:

Yes because the rim is bigger is my guess. Not yet but I will when I get it together. Especially for the money im not disappointed at all. The button box alone could sell for what he gets.