New Website, New Store

If you haven’t seen, Granite has replaced the old domain with, which I think is a good step.

They’ve also released v1 of their website shipping to European countries only.

I hope they add international soon, as there are many counties where the dealers are really under representing simucube.

For example in the US, our dealers don’t stock the full line of products, don’t stock a variety of wheels, etc…

Thanks for the news update!

Its been a long project but lets see how it turns out.

Setting up International sites is problematic. It will not be cost effective if we do not set up order fullfilment and warehousing to different regions. And that gets extra hard to set up when the world is still somewhat affected by the pandemic.


Missing the link to the community forum under support tab.
You have to go down to the page to find the link

I think that is intentionally omitted at the moment, while we think on what to do with the forum.

Options are to branch to a Simucube forum, or to integrate forum features to Paddock.

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This is great especially for the new comers. any plans to include a DDU there? :face_with_monocle:

Branching the forums might be a good idea. Less for the SC community but for the other GD products. I just thought about that whilst visiting the forums here that it might get industrial customers confused when they land on basically a gaming product community.

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Why the guy on the front page wearing a motorcycle gear. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: