New to simucube

Hi all i am new to simucube and buy a simucube 1.
I come from fanatec but i a little confussed dont know where to start, which software and firmware do i have to install?
Sorry for my bad english and i hope you can help me.

Gr Dirk

Did you buy a fully assembled unit used, or is this a DIY project?

Hi Mika i buy a fullt assembler unit.

Does it show up as Simucube in Windows Devices?

I didn’t attach it to the pc yet, do i have to install the software first?

No need to install anything at first, but you should have a look whether it has our Simucube firmware on it (will show up as Simucube) or the old third party MMOS Force Feedback 2014 firmware. These two require different PC software.

How can i see what firmware its in? I setup everything the wheel is moving and i hear 3 short beeps. There also a grond cable attache to the base my pc finds nothing.

Pc should find a game controller on the X3 (left) USB port.

No game controller shows up.

thats strange. Does a STM32 Bootloader pop up in device manager?

Controller show up now didnt show up automatic had to go to setup usb game controllers.

So does it show as Simucube or Mmos?

Only this shows up.

thats very strange. Do you know who made the Simucube 1 unit?

I mean, can you show pictures etc…?

Sorry i ask do much but one of the USB cables was bad.
It now shows simucube.

From here what software do i have to install?

It seems to have Simucube firmware. Get the latest zip from here:

It will instruct you to get an earlier one if thats needed.

Its working now thank you so much for your help Mika.