New Simucube True Drive 2022.7 or New Firmware Causing Constant Vibration During Safe Mode

Model: SC2 Pro

Just reinstalled my whole system (including O.S.) from scratch. I downloaded the latest version of SC TD. After it installed TD and the firmware (firmware completed successfully), the wheel shakes whenever it’s in safe mode. It doesn’t stop. As soon as you activate torque mode, it goes away completely (as far as I can tell). It’s shaking is not violent but not gentle either, it’s around medium.

This never happened before including with my last version of SC TD & firmware which I’m pretty sure was 2022.6.

I shut the wheel off, closed TD, restarted both but the problem still occurs.

The only time the SC2 doesn’t vibrate when in safe mode is if it goes into safe mode automatically from being in torque mode too long without movement.

The SC2 Pro starts the shaking as soon as it’s powered on (after the beeps) regardless if SC TD is open or not.

2022.7 did not have any FFB or servo drive firmware updates that could cause a change in behavior. However, the simple mode profiles bug fix could affect you in this case.

If the issue only happens upon startup (safe mode) or any time the wheel is in safe mode though, shouldn’t profiles have no impact on that?

Also, I had no profiles in SC TD, not for simple nor advanced mode because this is a clean install on a clean, new operating system install.

How can i re-install the firmware? It said successful but I’d like to re-do it.

Bootloader checks the firmware on each startup and compares the result with stored checksum value. The system does not start if there is somehow “bad flash” installed.

The issue seems to have gone away. After powering off and back on both the wheel and TD 5 or 6 times, the issue suddenly stopped happening. I didn’t change or do anything else. I literally just restarted the wheel & TD a few times, the problem remained, but by the 5th or 6th time if went away…