New SimuCUBE Sincos owner

Hi everybody,

First off, great to see all the info and discussions, very helpful. I’m new to the SimuCUBE community, so forgive me if my post should be somewhere else in this forum. Also, if I have not seen the answer to my question, also forgive me.

As of today I own a SimuCUBE Sincos with a wheel SCR-CUP from Sim-Lab and Fanatec V3 pedals. I come from a Logitech G27 :slightly_smiling_face:

I have it working in Project Cars2 by selecting the G27 profile, under Custom settings PC2 did not recognize my wheel input (although it’s obviously working on X-position).

My question to you all, is there a list of games this setup is working (without MMos)?
I understand the list of officially supported games is small.

But when I see guy’s like Jimmy Broadband on YouTube I’m under the impression he got his SimuCUBE with MMos working on possibly every sim game out there, old and new.


Greetings from Germany, Rick

Hi Rick,

The OSW-SimuCube system will work with most racing-titles although, there are a couple that don’t recognize Windows HID-devices but, that applies to both MMos and SimuCube versions. The wheel-system will be defined as “SimuCube” or MMos in Windows accordingly.

Project Cars2 should work fine but, first be sure that SimuCube is showing in the Windows Devices / Controller app. If it is there, PC2 should recognize it and you can set it up using a “Custom” wheel option and assign all of the control inputs before doing any tuning or calibrating for the wheel. Be aware that PC2 doesn’t actually recognize the inputs until the return phase of controller-axis movement. Many people assume the game doesn’t recognize the wheel axis because of this.

Your in dept answer is much appreciated, thanks.

I have PC2 working, the trick was two fold. First disable all game control devices except for the SimuCUBE. Then rotate the wheel and let it freely flip back (as you point out). It also worked in F1 2017, but unfortunately the game freezes the moment I get the control of the car (this problem is being looked at by Mika).

Based upon your answer I feel confident I’m going to be very happy with my investment :slight_smile:

Rick, I’m glad to see you have that sorted. Let us know if you are looking for tips with any other titles.

I’m quite sure you will thoroughly enjoy the OSW-SimuCube wheel, whether you want improved FFB for competition or greater detail and dynamics for immersion, it’s a game-changer in my view. :slight_smile:


Hi Rick,
Pcars2 is kinda finicky as you found out.
You also will need to mess with settings in the Simucube UI to dial out the very strong center spring effect.
There’s a lot of resources.
I’ve found a combination of Jack Spade’s tweaker files works well.

You will of course have much better fun in iRacing, RFactor2 and AC.
Pcars is ok, there are some fun cars and the small handful of laser scanned tracks are pretty good.
But what you will find with the OSW and any other DD wheel is that it will shine a very bright light on cheap canned FFB effects, which is why you would likely want to stick to certain SIM’s especially if you went to the expense of getting into OSW.

Not saying other titles are bad, it’s just they won’t ever show you the possibilities of your hardware.

Have fun!

Thanks, any useful feedback is welcome.
Today I received a early Christmas present from a friend, Assetto Corsa :slight_smile:
Going to download this sim tonight and try it out with the OSW.

Still more then a rookie guy’s, lot’s to figure out which is half the fun of it all.
Today I marked the buttons on my wheel, wanting KERS and pressing the Pit limiter doesn’t work…duh.

I live 10 minutes from The Green Hell, so one guess on what track you’ll find me the most :wink:

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AC is a great title imo. One thing you’ll want to be sure to enable in AC is the “Gyro” feature; it acts a stabilizer and eliminates any oscillation and smoothens the FFB nicely. AC should require very minimal Recon Filter with Gyro enabled.

To enable GYRO, open the filewith notepad:
Steam Library / SteamApps / Common / assettocorsa / system / cfg / assetto_corsa.ini

Scroll down to [FF_EXPERIMENTAL]

Change to read: ENABLE_GYRO=1
Save the file before exiting notepad.

Is this still something that needs to be done with Simucube?
Been playing a little of AC lately and wondered if this is a good thing to do?

It seems almost every DD-wheel user has Gyro enabled in AC; it’s really become the standard for OSW users.

Thanks! I’ll test it out today