New simucube - board does not show in device manager

This unit was preassembled and checked before being sent to me new.

I have a new PC and everything else is working well (all other usb devices etc including rift, bodnar boards, mice, keyboards). I have an extra inateck usb board and plenty of ports to try on my Asus Maximus Formula XI.

I have verified power at the board as 48v with a meter, both usb cables are connected, nothing in device manager.

  • I have tried changing ports etc, nothing.
  • I have verified the cables with another device - all good
  • When unplugging/plugging a different device, you see visual refresh/flash in device manager. When I do this with the simucube, nothing.

It’s like there is absolutely nothing plugged in.

Is there an led on the board? (nothing lit at the moment)

What can I try?

Solved. I reversed polarity on the power.

Gotcha! :slight_smile:

There are indeed leds, thats what I was writing here about.

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