New Simucube 2 Ultimate

So it been a while since I posted or even logged in to the website. I purchased the Simucube 2 ultimate today. I am upgrading from a Simucube 1 30nm. TBH I purchased my Simucube 1 about 6 months before the announcement of Simucube 2 and when I heard there was a new product being released right after purchasing Simucube 1, well I was pretty mad. And before anyone says anything I know new products come out and replace new products all the time. Well with that being said I am truly happy I purchased it and looking forward to my new ultimate arrival and can’t wait to set it up and get it running.

I have had both. Dont expect a huge difference or youll be disappointed. It is better but not night and day different. Still glad i bought the Ultimate though.

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Simucube 1 was an HID (paired with IOnI drive-controller board) by Granite Devices, with the aftermarket making ‘Simucube 1 ‘ DD wheels. It was never a complete dd wheel solution by GD.

The SC2 was a complete DD wheel by GD.

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He’s going to be really really mad when he learns that the simucube 3 comes out middle of next year :smiley:

Just kidding!!! Enjoy your new setup and let me know if its worth it coming from SC1


I never had a chance to try the first Simucube but recently switched to the SC2 Ultimate from a Fanatec DD2. I’m still fond of the DD2 and Fanatec’s stuff, but to me the difference the SC2 makes has been surprisingly huge, in a good way of course. I feel reviewers actually understate the difference.

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I think the part reviewers understate is the smoothness of rotation, they let notches and ripple get a free pass and for me this is one of the most crucial aspects to the wheel feeling like a real car, I had a DD1 before the simucube 2 pro and for the price I think the DD1 motor is just not smooth enough, turn the wheel slowly and you can literally count the steps however small they may be and that for me is a complete fail of replicating a real car, I’ve driven countless amounts of cars from your everyday banger to the occasional Lamborghini and have never experienced turning anything but a completely smooth hydraulic feeling steering wheel.

It seems many manufacturers are nailing this now from moza to simagic etc and that for me means the DD1/2 have aged quite badly in the hardware department. I wouldn’t choose one again over any other brand for that reason, and they’re terrible QR.

I think I’m regards to the FFB though they feel very similar, the detail is all there with fanatec and they have a good amount of parameters to tune and experiment with, it’s just the hardware for me, I think if it simply does not feel like a car when you turn the wheel it shouldn’t cost what it costs regardless of if you can “forget about it” when driving, I don’t want ti forget about it I just want it to not be notchy.

I think the notchiness might actually vary between units. I had a DD1 before switching to the DD2, then the DD2 needed replacing because the QR made taking off some of my wheels impossible. With the replacement unit the notchiness was somehow more pronounced. From what I understand it’s just a characteristic of the outrunner motor used in the DD1 and DD2 - as you said, not really there in driving and something I was ok with, although now I wouldn’t want to go back of course.

Before experiencing the SQR I never really understood why so many people were bothered by Fanatec’s QR. I also agree that FFB on the Fanatec devices is great, but I immediately felt a drastic improvement when using the SC2 Ultimate in ACC and Automobilista 2 with Online profiles from Paddock. This is of course subjective, but I was frankly blown away.

I took 2 months to actually make the switch, which was mainly a consideration because I’ve been wanting to use other wheels (without having to buy a Podium hub etc), and I saw the Active Pedals announced. I’m more than happy with the decision, and for me at least it was one of those rare cases where the grass was actually greener on the other side.

None of this is to turn down Fanatec of course, I’ve had predominately positive experiences with their hardware and staff.

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yep i actually agree, i had good experiences with fanatec customer service and believe me i had to use them haha, after 3 months my hub on the DD1 started to flake and corrode but once i sent them a picture they just sent me a new hub free of charge, i lost my securing screw aswell and they sent me one of them no problem also, so yeh definitely treated me well, kind of shocks me when i see people complain all the time about their customer service and speed. The only thing i would say is they are certainly not as active online/forums as the guys at granite, you dont have to wait long to get a reply here and its always pretty helpful.

Wow, looks like your QR had similar tolerance issues to my first DD2.

Glad to hear that the Granite Team is responsive here as well, I contacted their support initially over some screws that weren’t tightened on the Tahko wheel I got with my SC2, they definitely got back to me as quickly as possible and were very friendly.