New Simucube 2 Ultimate wont start

I recently purchased a Simucube 2 Ultimate less than a month ago and after using it a couple days ago without issue, now it wont start up! The power supply lights up the logo in red and the green light is on, on it but no lights from the back of the drive. I have plugged and unplugged every cord, swapped usb around on the back of my motherboard, tested the usb cable with replacement cable that i know works. I plugged into another computer to try to get it to start and still nothing. Any suggestions anyone?

Have you checked that the stop button is pressed?

Yes, I should have mentioned it.

So, for the base to turn on it must not be pressed.

state of e-stop button does not affect base powering on at all.

That’s what I thought

Any suggestions Mika?

Not at the moment. Please make a support ticket.

So if my stop button is pressed my base won’t start working. True Drive (2020.10) does not start working.
I have an Ultimate.

I tried turning it on with the estop pushed and not pushed and no difference

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In True Drive you cannot make any changes to filters, profiles, or anything else until the device has properly started. “Waiting for drive to get ready” would be visible clearly. But device is still started at that point.

Kill switch turns Simucube into safe mode, but doesn’t cut power supply. It’s a tool to stop a wheel from behaving like a Mustang, in case something get wrapped in Aso. Or if you have children around.