New Simucube 2 Pro

So just pressed buy on a SC2 Pro along with a decent mount and SCQR.
Haven’t decided on a wheel yet.
I really bought this before I had the funds to buy everything, but was offered some extra incentive to place an order, so decided to just do it.
Has been on the wishlist for a year or so, just been scrabbling the funds together from bits and pieces of work. I am retired, and spend most of my time at racetracks as an official, so spare $$ are hard to come by.
Should have enough by Feb to buy something like an Ascher wheel which should last a while.
This replaces a CSW base, so should be a worthwhile improvement in feel.
Have a NLR Elite rig, HE sprint pedals, 3dsim shakers on pedals, buttkicker, and reverb G2 for immersion. Running simhub for vibes, OpenXr with the G2, Crewchief and IRffb2 for ffb.
This should almost complete a tightarse rig for an old bugger!

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The mount arrived today, completing the items I need to get this assembled and running!.
Tomorrow I will start disassembling my current setup and install the new. Very much looking forward to this system.

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Now installed and showing me why the CSW needed to be replaced.
Almost makes you put the car into a slide because you can control it so well. Aiming for apexes seems to be more precise. Plenty of green on the delta bar today.
Was installed without drama.
I am using a SRM conversion kit to allow me to use my existing Fanatec McLaren wheel, and the shaft is longer with the spacers. Had to adjust the ergonomics quite a bit to get the spacing between pedals and wheel correct.
One happy customer now.

After 4 months with this base, I now have a cube controls wheel, which is a serious upgrade in itself.
I am just so happy with this purchase. I spend approx 10-12 hrs a week in IRacing, and The ability to control the car in situations where previously I would have been in a wall, or in the weeds is just outstanding.
My lap times reflect the increased precision. consistency is now expected rather than desired.

Which Cube Controls wheel did you get and are you pleased with it ?

its not about steering wheel model… its only about grip diameter… 275-285mm is the best for reaction times ( for example catching rear slide )

GT-Pro Zero. Yes, I am pleased with it.

Further upgrades!. Have a 3dof Qubic systems QS-220 arriving next week.
Immersion is about to get a whole lot deeper!

Have gone from a wooden rig with a G27 to all this in only a few years. So much for being a cheapskate!

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