New Simucube 2 hardware questions to developers

Hello all

New comer to the simicube community,

Not easy to find my sweet spot but definitly seeing the potential.

Nevertheless i have something on my base and dont know if it s normal or note, when i turn the shaft at one point i have a noise and kind of a little notchy feeling. No problem that i can feel while playing tho.

You ll see in the video below you can hear it.

Is it normal or my hardware have a problem.

If someone from granite device can answer my question it Will be greatly appreciated.


That’s not normal behaviour whether the servo is powered on or off.

There have been a small number of other units that have had a similar type of sound. There turned out to be various cures for the issue.

If you search the forum for “noise” you’ll see a few other user submitted videos and you can compare.

As you requested, I’ll let GD step in to offer you the official steps to a solution.

Edit: For reference, I’ll link in a couple of other user videos that seem very similar

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so i did the sqr tighten procedure and i think it has worked now the noise is minimal
but the shaftv itself produise some noise as you can see in the video below is it normal?

No, although it’s improved, that still doesn’t sound normal in my opinion. It should be completely smooth and silent.

Further on into one of the threads I linked earlier, you will see that another user followed the same procedure you have done. He removed the hub assembly and the noise slightly improved but it was still not as silent as it should be and ended up having the unit replaced:

GD will have to officially confirm the exact cause of the issue but I do think it may need to be replaced.

What I will say is Granite and your particular dealer will take care of you so you can feel confident that it will be resolved no matter what :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks you paul, i hope so

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I can say that this does not sound normal to me. But, I’m not really knowledgeable on how the motor is designed and what could be making this noise.

Advice is to contact your reseller.