New simucube 2 firmware update not responding

I have downloaded True drive, version is 2020.10, pluggedin my new simucube2. True drive takes me to an updating firmware dialogue. I click through and it gets to Updating Firmware - Firmware upload progess and then seems to hang. Simucube 3 true Drive (not responding) appears in the windows title bar. Any suggestions?


Is this a Simucube 2 R1 or R2?

What other USB hardware do you have?

Similar troubles have been seen with some AsMedia USB3 chipsets as well as in conjuction with other 3rd-party software such as HidGuardian.

Hi thanks for the tips. I unplugged all USB except my mouse and changed the usb port it was plugged inrto and it updated firmware ok. Plugged my keyboard back in (obviously) and its still working. I think it was changing the port that did it as I have now plugged back in camera and headphones and its still ok. The original port used to work as its what my old wheel was plugged into, and it now has my keyboard.

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