New SC2 Sport w Fanatec V3, Shifter & Handbrake ... do I need Fanatec Wheel Prop Page?

A thousand apologies if this is redundant but Ive spent hours looking for a direct answer…
I just cancelled my order for Fan csl DD and bought a SC2 Sport. Yes, I left the “ecosystem” but I still have V3 pedals, SQ shifter and handbrake (I was able to get my wheel converted to USB and get all components recognized by Win USB game driver util).

Question: I want to be able to calibrate my V3 pedals. Most “nice” pedal designers (SRP, Husk, … more) have their own calibration utility. How do I calibrate my V3’s now that I have no Fanatec drivers installed? Install the Wheel Property page? Use in-game calibration where available? This is probably baby-food to y’all but I’m kinda stuck and don’t want to just start installing Fanatec drivers that will might mess with my 'cube setup.

I run AC, Dirt Rally 2.0 and WRC9 (no iRacing just yet).

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Craig and welcome to the forum!

I have a similar setup - I reinstalled the Fanatec driver (not fanalab) and in that driver you can do the adjustments - if I recall it’s not a ton of adjustment - the top and bottom set points.

Oh and you’ll have no issues with the fanatec driver installed along with the simucube driver, they both co-exists peacefully.

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Hey …thanks for the quick response and exactly what I needed to know! Will give it all a go as soon as my P1X gets to the US (from Ireland, lol … over $230 US in shipping but they say the cockpit is worth it). Cheers!

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The P1X is a great piece of sim hardware. Picking up mine tomorrow. :open_mouth:


Too bad you didn’t order from Grid Engineering, a new Simlab distributor in Canada. :frowning:
I think the shipping would have been free.

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You won’t sleep good I’m afraid. Must be Xmas and birthday together! :four_leaf_clover:

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I will have to tuck that info in my hip pocket … I had not heard of Grid… That is for sure better than shipping from over the pond. It wasn’t horrible tho … I went with Digital Motorsports and the price of the rig plus shipping was $910. Then I went back and ordered the feet kit (a heavy piece of kit) for $53 US. When they wanted over $50 more in shipping, I sent a kind note asking them to cut me a break, knowing it was “heavy” and that I did deserve to pay some shipping. DM just waved the shipping all together and refunded it to my card. I have spent a few $$ in the past bit with them and they get 5 stars from me. I even got a call one morning over a question I asked online. I can’t beat that. Have to admit tho that It just “hurt” paying that much in shipping when the rig was only (about) $650 USD. Mine is due in on Wed … but DHL almost always under promises and over delivers. Ive ordered on Friday and had kit on Tuesday.

I think Grid Engineering is only about a year old.
The owner is a really nice guy and also a sim racer. :slight_smile:

They received their first Simlab shipment a few months ago. It is great to have a stocking Simlab dealer in north America!
Especially when you just need accessories.
Many times ordering Simlab accessories from Europe the shipping is as much or more than the product.


Great find, thanks for heads up, Joe. :+1:
Shipping for accessories was overkill.

You are welcome. :slight_smile: