New SC2 Pro owner - First impressions for those still deciding

After months of research and agonizing over the SC2 Pro or XXX DD … finally got my SC2 Pro installed a couple of days ago.

I’ve only used it about 5-7 hours, using the default ACC and AC profiles but played around with the True Drive settings to see what each of them does. Completely mind blown over how amazing the SC2Pro is!

Now I’ve read this feedback for months - Mind blowing, Realism, Immersion, smooth, etc. drove myself nuts watching YT videos. Only now do I know this to be true, and how hard it can be to describe how awesome this wheel really is! Writing this post for others in my situation, before I forget the details.

Hopefully this provides some more information from the perspective of a newbie/ novice sim racer and help you make a decision or at least get a sense of what the wheel can do in practical (non technical) terms.

Some background about my sim racing experience, only to provide a point to reference so you can put my feedback in some context. I’m not a professional sim racer or writer or reviewer but I’ll try to provide examples and hope it helps.

Novice sim racer (~2 years), Fanatec ClubSport range - V2.5, V3 inverted with BPK. Upgraded to Heusinkveld Sprints a few months ago before upgrading to the SC2. On a custom 80/20 rig, completely rock solid. 27" single monitor.

Not looking to be the fastest driver but want to keep improving and become a “better” driver. However, I do want to get faster, but its more about enjoying driving a car competently and consistently over 30 minute - 1 hour races. Being able to control and push the car without spinning out or crashing. Be able to see progress and then get competitive, racing online for fun.

Did not feel like I was improving with the Fanatec gear, my times were getting better but I was not getting a sense of confidence with the car. Know that I’ve not put in a fraction of the time that many advocate, but the issue faced (other than having limited time) is that when I jumped on the sim I was not getting a sense of what the car was doing. Worse, I felt I was teaching myself to use the pedals by rote/memory and was not able to develop a proper racing line with my steering inputs. Unable to precisely place the car where I wanted, at speed. I’d sometimes have great sessions (for reference, I’m about 2-3 seconds off from posted real world records on various tracks on ACC, my sim of choice) and other times just spinning out.

Would watch Aris do a track guide and hear him describe where to place the car, feel the car jump, etc. and not really feel what he was describing on my rig. The V 2.5 is a very good base but I was just not able to experience the connection to the track, feel the track and establish a racing line - most importantly feel like I was not guessing or just driving from memory (rote or learned behaviour, not from a place of understanding) … not my definition of immersion.

Key Benefit: With the SC2 Pro I’m able to precisely place the car and I can feel the undulations of the track and can feel the car follow the road/path of least resistance. Feel like I can find the racing line, I hesitate to use the term ‘intuitively’ since its so new, but it feels organic, natural and real. Which brings me joy and a sense of relief as I’m not guessing what the car is doing.

Example 1: Brands Hatch, Paddock Hill and Stirling’s always felt I was guessing the line and was never consistent, but now I can feel the line and immediately know when I’ve taken the wrong line. Especially on Stirling’s can feel the line through that turn like I’m in the car! Still working on Surtees but feel the track so much better.

Example 2: Mount Panorama, The Esses (slalom) section, never really ‘got’ the racing line, the braking improved after I went from V3 Inverted with the BPK (3 green elastomers) to Heusinkveld Sprints. But felt I was always guessing the line, unsure of it. So spun out or crashed into the walls since I was not sure what I was doing. Now I feel such a stronger sense of the road connection and what the car is doing, its almost like I’m reacting to the track and the cues the SC2 is providing, again its taking out the guesswork.

I’m not faster with the SC2 Pro yet, but feel I can be, with consistency and practice. Since its so realistic I’m not pushing (or making crazy maneuvers!) as I was when I was guessing and diving headlong into turns! Welcome the realism even if I am slower. The consistency makes me believe that my practice is going towards future improvement (fingers crossed) and I’m not searching for what gear to buy next (ya right! I know). Now I can spend time on the advice available online, to become a better driver or just enjoy the car/drive.

V 2.5 to SC2 Pro

  • Stronger sense of connection with the track/ car, easier to get a racing line going - Learn a new track faster.
  • Much faster response/sense of detail so feel what the car/tires are doing, to make corrections
  • Great feel of the car’s limit so driving feels natural, able to push harder.
  • Feels like I’m building confidence going into corners and feel like I’m not guessing or trying a trial and error methodology.
  • Pick a line and practice to get faster versus feeling I need to do laps only to beat the clock or be consistent. It wont replace the laps for practice but its a different reason.
  • Feeling of progress with practice. More immersion and feeling its a hobby and craft like playing an instrument etc.
  • Able to resist the urge to just try to drive “fast” all the time with no real idea of what I’m doing, spin out or get frustrated. Feel like a total beginner on some day and never close to my PB.
  • Driving from memory versus feeling the car - reacting to the track and being in control of the car over the track. Drive with confidence and conviction not guesswork.

As stated above, I’m a novice driver with not a lot of time to devote to this hobby/passion, but had the funds for the upgrade. I’m sure people with time can also get there by other means.

Also decided on the SC2 versus the VFS purely to avoid the “what if” question and investing more time researching gear versus trying to get better around a race track.

Completely happy with the purchase even though I did struggle justifying this investment on a “wheel”. Hope this helps someone in this situation. Cheers.


Definitely you have found all the benefit as to why DD’s exist and people call them game changing… You also point to some of the things that I mention to people when they go wheel or pedals first (most say pedals but I beg to differ at times) and I say it depends on what you are struggling with as it is harder to find comfort in the wheel than it is in the pedals… it is that guessing that you mention that gets people into trouble… Just wait until you start running side by side with others through multiple corners and have the confidence that you won’t HIT them… not just a guess that you can hold where you are BUT Actually BE offline and KNOW you won’t hit them.

It is a whole different feeling for sure.

BTW many without a DD wheel will complain to you for racing them that hard and the reason… they are on edge wondering if they will hit you, however if it is someone that has a DD wheel as well you will usually get that was Massive fun and great racing.

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yes true. Felt ‘uncomfortable’ racing online since I didn’t want to cause a crash or accident ,and would just give up my position.

Your insights are spot on. Already finding I’m more competitive with the AI and am able to hold my position and race side by side! I’m not faster but increased the AI strength from about 88 to 93!

With a single monitor my FOV is quite low too.

A higher (proper) FOV via triples, Ultrawide or VR would greatly improve spacial awareness which will make things even more comfortable.

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Yes, thanks. VR is next on the list after getting a PC with 3080.

I wear glasses so wondering which VR headset works best. Shortlist HP reverb G2 and Valve Index.

That I do not know but I do know that some headsets have the ability where you can get Prescription lenses for them

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Yes I’ve heard this too. Thanks.

Great post, very informative, will certainly help those thinking about a change.

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I can echo the OP’s comments, going from a T300 to SC2. The T300 is a very good belt drive wheel imo. At first, I was not faster with the SC2 pro, but far more consistent and able to save ‘slides’ that would have previously got me spun. I can’t compare against other DDs having never driven them, but very happy with my SC2 Pro on ACC.

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