New Owner, Fitting the Simucube 2 using 4 bolts and 8 washers


I’m in the process of fitting my new Simucube Pro to my rig.
In the box i have 4 screws and 8 washers with no nuts?
I’ve had a look online at other pictures and it seems like no one else has a nut on the other side.

My question is, do you put a washer between the back of your frame and the Simucube?

So Bolt-> Washer -> Metal Frame (Rig) -> Washer? -> Simucube

Would really appreciate the help, thanks

No need for a washer between Simucube and the mount.

Thats great, thanks for the quick help

the 8 mounting washers are in pairs and look to be machined to fit together. Is this how they’re meant to be fitted to the bolt that secures the Simucube?

Or do you split them and have 4 of the Simucube washers left after installation?

Thanks again

I’m not sure what type of washers are currently supplied. The Ultimate model does not have threaded holes, and thus needs locking washers and nuts, and they are not required for Sport and Pro.

Here’s what i got in my Pro R2

those washers are called locking washers, and they do not need to be installed in pairs.


Above statement is false, as I did not know what is being supplied with Simucube 2 at the moment.

These are Nord-lock locking washers and are indeed meant to be installed in pairs.

Thanks Mika for the support

I made a correction to above post.


for instructions how to use them.

Thanks Mika, now fitted the correct way. Thanks for the update