New OSW build - MiGe motor(s) consideration (speed, inertia)

Hi everyone,
I am going to build SimuCUBE based OSW kit (with Ioni Pro) and currently I am thinking about servomotor.
I know that MiGE 130ST-M10010 (20Nm) is proven by many simracers, but I don´t know how quick it reacts in some situations (like miniature corrections due to oversteer etc.).
Recently one real racer said, that slow responsiveness is still some kind of problem in simracing, so I am curious if similar motor with higher speed and less inertia should be a better choice?
(I am thinking about 130ST-M06025 / 130ST-M07725 / 130ST-M10025).
Does anybody have experience with it? And can I feel any difference at all?
Thanks for your time!

I suppose that real driver has never tried any kind of DD wheel.

Motor’s inertia is pretty much insignificant compared to wheel’s inertia.

Smaller motors get hot faster though and if i remember correctly wheel speed is software capped

Wheel speed is capped by voltage. The motors are rated for 220 V voltage and the indicated values in the datasheet represent the RPM the motor will run at that voltage.

Thanks for all answers! So I suppose that the best choice will be ‘small Mige’ ?..

20nm Mige (130ST-M10010) will be your best choice, chances are you will anyway add some filtering to ‘slow’ the servo response down a bit, as it is a pretty active servo, capable of replaying most/all the setpoint signal content coming from iRacing.

Like stated above, that real-life racer is either talking porkies, or he has never tried a proper dd wheel.



Sorry if I say nonsense. The “big” MiGE 130ST-M15015 (30Nm) has higher speed (1500 rpm), although it is true that it also has more inertia, but I don’t know if for which Tomas_Borl is looking for would be more suitable.
Perhaps its greater speed does not compensate the one that has greater inertia. I have not tried a “small” MiGE, but I have an “big” MiGE and I think it has a very fast response.

Lols. There are a few things you need to learn about this application and suitable servos before you say nonsense. There are more factors then just speed and torque at play here, there are also nm/a ratio, winding resistance etc.

I have given my advice based on 5 years of extensive dd wheel experience, do as you see fit, no skin of my back.

The Mige M10010 is by far the best in terms of efficiency, for this application. It has a 2.2nm/a ratio, allowing it to do 20nm from just a 360w psu. Plus, you only need an Ioni Pro to get the max 20nm from it, and actually, it is so efficient, I can use the spare capacity on the Ioni Pro to overclock it to the same level as the M15015

The M15015 you sing the praises of, has a 1.58nm/a ratio, but needs an Ioni Pro HC and a 560W psu to get it to 27.9nm, as it is power-hungry and cannot get to 30NM from the 25A POS limit of the Ioni Pro HC.

Another thing you may want to consider, the rated speed of the M10010 places it in the sweet spot for max rpm desired for dd wheels too. Yes, before you ask, I have also owned and tested the M15015, and probably 30 other servos. It is a good servo, but overall dd wheel cost will be quite a bit higher for Ioni pro hc and bigger psu, for not much more torque, vs the small Mige.

Plus, it has a lot of extra inertia when compared to the small Mige. Good if you like the mechanically dampened feel if the larger servo, not so good if what you’re after is maximum speed of response…and in this case, the significantly lower inertia of the small Mige makes it much faster than the large Mige. :wink:


Sure enough, I said nonsense.
Beano, I already know that you are a DD guru and, I have learned everything I could from your articles.
Thanks so much for the explanation.

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HA, all good, Carlos, no dramas :slight_smile:

It is anyway intersting to get feedback from the community on their preferences, where ffb are concerned, we are all different.

As long as you are happy with what you have, nothing else matters!

Have fun, thats important.