New (Old Stock) SC1, STM Boot Loader wouldn't take driver update

Hey Guys, Have a SC1 board with 720w PSU that never got fired up back 3 years when it was purchased, Went to go test it out and turns out it wont connect to the current FW and is simply showing a FT230X UART in the device manager, motor does its little jiggle, but doesn’t center as its not connected to UI.

Having been a few years, im not 100% sure how to get this up to current spec, so would appreciate the proper steps vs playing around and messing something up. I remember this being a somewhat simple process, but again would prefer to know for sure the steps needed.

thanks eh

In boot loader now sorta. via the manual DIP switch , but the Drivers wont take ?

I tried win 8 and 8.1 as well. Same error.

Any Suggestions @Mika

Thanks eh

All Fixed.

So turns out that I had a copy of Dfuse and its drivers on an Older drive on my machine that i was able to access and use the win8 Drivers which allowed me to install the driver and proceed with updating the FW.

No idea as to why windows would deny the Fresh install of Dfuse and its drivers. But managed to get it sorted.

it was probably a version issue… If you did a clean install of windows there are a few drivers it won’t install and won’t install automatically, One is the FTDI Driver. It sounds like you got it all figured out though so this is beside the point… It is interesting that it needed an STM Driver but that may have also installed the FTDI driver for you as that is usually the driver that is missing.

I just helped a guy setup an old control with a new SC1 board on a wiped and replaced windows hard drive.
His system would not see the control on a USB 3.0 port. Switch to USB 2.0 port it was instantly recognized.