New NSH Wireless BT wheel keeps disconnecting

Hi all, So I recently in the last few days started using my NSH Wireless BT wheel and up until lastnight it was fine.
I was playing AMS2 on the Green Hell.
At certain points during my driving I saw a blue light behind my wheel and felt a faint clanking or rattling feeling. My Paddle shifters would become unresponsive but the other buttons on the wheel stayed functional.
This happened over 5 times lastnight.
The blue light behind the wheel would come on and it would make a sound like its connecting and the shifters would work again but only for maybe 30 seconds before they cut out again.
Thinking it could be AMS2 I switched to ACC and the same thing happened…
My battery voltage said 3.19 I dont know if that is low but seeing as this is a new wheel why would it be low. I turn the wheel off after every use.

I believe that button box uses a CR123A battery so 3.19 volts is far from discharged. Seems more like a BT disconnection issue so I would start looking into that side of things first.

Are you using an external BT dongle on a PC USB3 port to receive the signal? Edit: scrap that question, I guess it connects directly to the SC2 but it does seem like a loss of signal to the base so I’d look there first.

I think there could be an USB issue as it affected the driving feel as well. Is this a R1 or R2 Simucube unit?

I have the the R1 pro version. Are you saying you think I have too many devices co nected and its interfering with my BT wheel?
Or your saying that it may be a USB issue with the Simucube USB?

I have no other BT devices that I use with my computer. Although this wireless wheel BT solution does not connect to anything other than the Simucube wheelbase

I can’t be the only person either this issue

Hi! I have a Ascher BT button box.
In the last Monday, in Iracing i was in the star line in a Indy car, waiting for start.
The security car move on, and I tray to put first gear, and nothing happens.
My paddle shifters was dead. I turned on/off the button box and nothing, continue without changes.
The only way to solve the problem was turn off/on the simucube during start lap (kaos).
The Battery of my button box have 16 months.
But I used normally the button box yesterday (I play 5 hours and nothing happens)