New Mige motor mount design Podium style

Just received a batch of these that may be of interest to some. They are Podium style mounts for the small Mige motor. Allows a nice stiff mount adjustable for height, and angle on ally profile rigs. A nice way to keep all mounting points away from your knees.

Centre mount on it’s own replicates Fanatec bolt positions for side mounting and for the triangular 3 or 5 hole bottom mounts, so allowing direct figment to rigs and existing mounting plates with Fanatec mount positions build in.


Would this work for an SC2? Cost?

More info please. Much more info.

I was thinking of DIYing something similar but this would save me the ball ache.

This is what I have been looking for, how does one obtain one?

Found the website. Not sure if it’s the whole thing or just the motor mount that utilises the podium mount.

I’ve added them to the website.

To clear up any questions. The centre mount that the Mige fits to has the 3 or 5 bolt pattern Fanatec at the bottom, and then the side.mount holes at the side. The arms have angle adjustment at the motor mount, and height and fore/aft + angle on the rig mount side. Heres a pic fitted to my rig.

I do not see the Mige part of the mount on the website.

Is there a complete solution that includes the Mige mount and all of the needed brackets?

Is the 80/20 material also included?

Where are you located?

Shipping cost to USA?

THANKS!! :slight_smile:

Heres the link for the Mige central mount.

Here’s the link for the complete Mige setup.

Yes the 8040 profiles are included and can be made as long as required to suit your rig.

I’m based in UK, but can ship to the US no problem.


this is the same concept, but looks a lot better imho
also regarding “” I wouldn’t trust any company that can’t spell the makers of the products they sell…look at the pedals section

That’s a bit harsh, mate.

The Simcore mount is a beautifully engineered part but it costs 3x the price. Also, the misspelling of Heusinkveld is probably just a typo :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok that’s fair, anyway having a regular dd bracket to sustain all the weight of a sc2 / osw motor doesn’t seem ideal for me…

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Yes that looks nice, but I don’t think it would be as strong with the extrusion used not in the vertical position.

Personally I like the look of the Simlab front mount better than both in this thread. Although this solution is adaptable to different width rigs. :slight_smile:
I may have to try one. I am just scared to look at the shipping price to USA. LOL

Shipping to US by FedEx 3 day service is £43.

I was a little concerned about stiffness when I originally drew the solution up. Which is why the centre section is boxed in as much as possible. The result is really stiff. I’ve added an extra feature that allows for clamping bolts each side to restrict any flex you might get at the rear.

Hopefully you can see that you can also use the Sim Lab podium mounts if you have them and adapt easily to take the Mige.

Thanks for the reply. I may order one soon. Are they in stock ready to ship?

No I don’t have Podium mount. Not interested in Fanatec products.