New Mige BISS-C Encoder


It comes with the correct cables, but Mige only puts connectors on the Motor side of the cables.
You must put the connectors on the other end.


I’m thinking on upgrading to BISS-C encoder. Currently, I’m having a 40k cpr encoder. Basically, I’m satisfied with the current encoder, I’m only having one thing, which bothers me. In Assetto Corsa, the road noise in some cars is weird. It feels like a electric buzz. I’m curious, if it a limitation of the 40k encoder, or AC.
Easy to reproduce this.

  • Car: Porsche Boxster S
  • Track: Brands Hatch GP
  • FFB gain in game is 43, and 100% in Simucube config tool
  • Small Mige
  • Reconstruction filter is 1
  • Increase the road noise gain to like 7 or 8

Is that feels similar on BISS-C, or better? If no change on this field, I would rather skip the update now, and save this money for a future motion sim. :slight_smile:


The buzz effect you describe affects SinCos, too. Must be quality of AC and DD wheel, not the encoder.


Thanks! You saved me some money!


On the topic of road effects feeling like electrical buzzing—I did find that using Reconstruction Filter of 3 or 4 helped make it feel more natural even up to about 15 percent on road effects. Not perfect . . . but usable.



Although that desn’t mean that upgrading from 40 to BISS-C or even sincos isn’t worth it.


Yes, that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m using reconstruction filter 3 mostly. But besides of the buzz, everything else seems better on 1.


I’m sure it does worth it, but right now, I have thousands of possibilities to develop my “rig”. That buzz bothered me mostly. So I can re-prioritize things now.


Turn off this canned effect! Problem solved :wink:


That’s not a canned effect. It is the gain of the road noise. Anyway, I amplified it only to show you the problem easily. I’m keeping it 0, but some cars are doing it without the amplification as well, like the Tatuus, if I remember right.


Well, by design and the limitation of the simulation it has to be actually canned.

Why? Because simply the road noise in real life is due to the roughness of the road. Meaning all the small stones in the tarmac that generate those vibrations on the tyres, then transmitted to the chassis.
The simulation can’t handle that with a 500hz engine: a tick at 500hz is 5 cm for a 100kph speed.


Lord Kunos:
That is not entirely… accurate:

The “road effect” is totally coming from the physic engine, it’s amplifying the effect of load changes on the FF, so if the load doesn’t change (ie, the road is flat) you get nothing… it’s not a procedural noise added over the surface.
Slip effect is also coming from what the tyres are doing so, again, it’s strictly related to what it is happening.
The only effect that is 100% “canned” is the curb effect… as it is also happening on curbs that are 100% smooth.

From here:

Actually, probably that’s what the buzz is: a 333Hz (almost)square-wave signal, as I’m on “unlimited” bandwidth, and lowest reconstruction filter. Or better said: spikes. And to make it “rubbery”, I really need some filtering.


I just received a Mige (15015) which has a DB15 soldered to the encoder cable. TBC whether the pins match SImucube specification.

Cheers Ben


Hi Ben,

Yes it is nice that they are sending the cables with the DB15 soldered on now.
That is one of the things that people did incorrect quite frequently.

To date I have not received any that were soldered incorrectly.

Talk later,