New IONI firmware 1.6.0

IONI firmware 1.6.0 beta 2 has been just released. It adds many new features, not just BiSS/SSI encoder support. For full list & download, see

Also grab a copy of just released Granity 1.13.0, which is needed for the new FW:

We hope to move fast and make 1.6 official firmware as soon as possible so we can proceed forward with other upcoming features. Many exciting things are coming after this firmware version as well.

So, please try the new firmware and Granity and post your comments below :slight_smile:

(edited your links to work :slight_smile: -Mika)

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I loaded it this morning and it works the same on a Simucube, I do like the little chime when it finished phasing. The new encoder support will be great for the new firmware.

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Hi have noticed one small issue that is insignificant the grand scheme of things. In Granity 1.13.0 when you make the window smaller the top and bottom of the [CSN] Status sound notifications check box disappears. It looks like that part of the page scales and the rest doesn’t.

Things like this are sometimes very time consuming to debug. Sometimes Qt seems to have a mind of its own on how to draw things. I’ve seen similar peculiarities happening during the last month when implementing the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool.

Its not something that worry’s me at all and I appreciate the effort and quality of your software and products. I just thought I would mention it as it’s a new feature and things like that are easy to miss.

Tested & confirmed, I like the precision you look at things :slight_smile:

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Moikka Tero,
Thank you for rolling out this update, now I have no more excuses not to test AKM53G with 22-bit BiSS encoder! Much appreciated, seems next weekend will be interesting times when I get home. Yeay, I cannot wait to see ow this will go with OS FW and your new 2.5khz filter.

Ooooh Boy, going to be fun :wink:

Hmmm… I think I’ll be picking up one of those I’ve had my eye on. What are your thoughts on the akm43/44k’s beano? I may have an angle on one with a biss encoder.

I bought Ioni cube and Ioni drive in 2016. Let me have some questions. Seeing Ioni FW release site, 2017 manufactured Ioni drive is required from 1.5.8.

  1. Maybe I can’t use newer FW including this beta? And 1.5.8 will be the last FW for me?

  2. I saw someone praises “reconstruction” setting a lot as as it gives more rubber feel although with damper setting 0. I think it is for only Simcube. Do you have plan for this setting to be adopted for normal Ioni cube? It would be really appreciated to prepare the setting for normal Ioni cube users.

The newer firmwares including the beta can be used for all Ionis.

No plans to make SimuCUBE specific filter stuff available. Only the new SimuCUBE firmware can activate them.

Thanks, Mika. But let me ask again to avoid any any mistake from misunderstanding.

The reason for the 1st question is that 1.5.8 FW info shows the following state in the link( But your answer mean that I, who has Ionicube manufactured in 2016, can still use the 1.5.8 FW and later FWs?

“This, or later version is required for drives manufactured after 1.2017 due to minor hardware change.”

Regarding the 2nd question, “the new SimuCUBE firmware” is 1.6.0beta2 and I can use it although I’m not a Simcube user? Right?



Yes. These are Ioni firmwares. 1192 is currently bundled to SimuCUBE firmware file as well.

I’d like to thank you everyone testing the 1.6.0 betas! The official 1.6.0 (non-beta) has been just released. As no issues or drama were experienced, it is largely based on 1.6.0-beta-2 with couple of minor tweaks.

Nice work there, thank you! Few questions about the capabilities - 1.6.0 official is absolute positioning now (wiki did say relative at the moment but holding fingers crossed :slight_smile: ) or this is candy for next rounds? Also, about the bit depth - what is the actual reachable maximum bit depth for BiSS from IONI side? I tested up 22…23 bits working with RESA 32 bit (104mm round scale), it probably is physical accuracy limit of the test system here currently.

Absolute position support is on the works now. It should become available within next versions. Same time the support for higher resolution probably sees daylight.

Thanx Tero, appreciate your efforts!!