New DIY simucube only responds to TSP2 not TSP1


I just recieved my mige 110st-m06020 tonight and wired up so that UVW were wired correctly as shown on the wiring diagram online. PE was wired to Ground, and the encoder cable is plugged in. What seems to happen is I have everything set up in Granity correctly as shown, and then the bumpstop only registers on the right hand side.

So I did a test INcrement by TSP1 and nothing happened… if I Increment by TSP2 then the wheel rotates as expected.

Any ideas?


I figured it out on my own… if [LSF] Limit Switch Function is set to Disable Torque then no amount of positive amperage does anything.

Yes, you are not supposed to configure any limit switch functions in Simucube mode, setting them is undefined behavior.