New DD in the works?

Hello, soon (tomorrow) to be the proud owner of a simucube 2 ultimate.
I’m very exited about it but as you all appreciate it’s a substantial investment.
Before it arrives and I open the box wanted to check that a new version isn’t just around the corner. I guess it’s been out a couple of years in the market but I’m not really sure of the product lifecycle. I guess there is no real historical information.
Hoping for some friendly reassurance so I can get stuck in and race with it. I have a dd2 that I’m planning to sell but I can happily stay with it if a new version is in the works.


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As far as I know there is no new DD in the works. Enjoy your SC2 Ultimate :).

Thank you. Looking forward to tomorrow. Cheers

Be nice to get some honest feedback how it is compared to your dd2 when you get up and running.


yeh i have not heard of a new DD in the works but im not sure we will ever know unless they specifically want us to know. they seem to have had good success with the simucube 2 bases, im sure a simucube 3 will have come around in conversation but really i dont think there would be any need for a new set of bases while there is still plenty of room to improve the current lineup and with constant improvements to the software i think we can rest easy support for this hardware will remain for many years.

even if a 3 came out it certainly wont make previous hardware redundant, anybody today using a direct drive is using the best available hardware, be it original simucube devices or the simucube 2 ultimate, everybody will be getting the prime advantage of direct drive and until that changes and new hardware for this hobby surpasses direct drive we have nothing to worry about.

i know where you are coming from though, imagine buying an ultimate with a simucube 3 ultimate around the corner, that would really suck but yeh no… granite are on to a winner with the current bases, comfortably one of if not THE best bases on the market with very strong and flexible software, i see no reason they would need anything new right now… ofcourse, fanatec has shown the success a lower power wheelbase can have so i wouldn’t be surprised if something like that could come into play, who knows. enjoy your hardware.

If it happens it’ll happen without any advanced warning, same as introduction of wireless antenna or R2 revision with changed controller internals and single PSU. But neither one makes older revisions obsolete except less than stellar BT connection on antenna less units.
V2 wireless module is coming too, but it seems to be on wheel side, not the base, or so we were told.
I can only think of PS/XBox compatible version which might require hardware chip for handshake.

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Current new product rumors include:

  • Simucube Official Mounting Bracket.
  • Simucube Official steering wheel.
  • Simucube Wireless Module 2 (an OEM product for others wanting to make wireless wheels)
  • A new Website that sells direct to consumers
  • Future accessory products (unspecified which ones)

No discussion on new wheelbases.
The only flaw I can find in the current wheelbases (Sport and Pro, I have no experience with the Ultimate) is that the bases make a muffled slinky sound when you use them.

I had a DD1, which I understand is basically the same as a DD2 - my DD1 was very notchy, making it distracting to drive a stright line down the road as the wheel wanted to pull towards a notch. Also, if I gripped a small wheel like the formula V2, I could feel a vibration sensation in the handles - I confirmed this to come from the wheel base, and not the motors in the Formula V2.

The Simucube has neither of these issues.


Thanks for all the replies. Good to know - I can see the engagement on this forum is high with all of you plus granite which gives me with a lot of confidence - I also felt you guys would have heard any rumours. I appreciate stuff can go wrong but when the community is so active and you are being heard it goes a long way. More companies could learn from this.
Looks like I won’t be testing for a few days. Need the P1-X mount and this should arrive Wed/Thurs.
I’ve not really had any problems with the dd2. Used it on Xbox and PC (although when I got it I only had an Xbox). No software issues, not grainy/notchy (I may not be sensitive to it) although the play in the qr is terrible. The sooner they fix this the better.

I can report back on the difference I feel but not sure if would help anyone. As long as I’m happy and my credit card can hold back my tears then all is good.