New buyer questions - Conversion kit for Fanatec wheel - any down sides?

I have a fanatec setup now and am considering making the jump to simucube.

I have a fanatec Formula V2 wheel and have seen a few conversion kits.

Has anyone tried these? if so is there any downside?

Can you at least try consolidating all your “new buyer” questions in a fewer if not just a single post.

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Having them broken up like this allows each topic to have it’s own thread of responses, and often works better for search engine results as well.

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I have the Formula v2 as well and converted it using: Sim Racing Machines. Conversion Kit for Formula V2 Wheel

Not very difficult and all buttons on the wheel work as expected. Only the flag leds don’t function and if you have the APM, then you won’t have a bitepoint clutch.

A downside might be that you have to run Fanaleds (which works perfectly fine tbh) for the leds and display to work.

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Thanks SO MUCH!! This is the same kit I’ve been considering!

After the kit and the SC2 quick release, do you have a rough idea of the distance from the front of the SC2 to the back of the Formula V2?

That’s about 17.5cm from the front of the SC2 or 17cm from the front of the mount.

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Jack, the Fanatec conversions that Sim Racing Machines sell, is pretty easy and straightforward in most respects. I have done a few of these conversions for my team mates and others, they are working very well.

So I can definitely recommend them.


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