New buyer questions - Best place to buy for US residents?

It looks like all the US resellers are out of stock.

Can I buy a simucube from any authorized dealer gloabally? Does the warranty apply equally?

Does Granite reimburse shipping costs if an item is defective and needs to be swapped out?

Is the power Brick a universal 110-240 brick with one of those Standard Computer Power cords (IEC C13 to NEMA 5-15P)

Powerbrick at least on my Pro is universal 100-240V

If you go to Simucubes website they have a list of sellers. at the top of my head I believe the two US resellers were Demon tweaks, and Ricmotech. I however went with (Slovakian seller) check to see if they added more.

I actually have a brand new in the box Simcube 2 pro for sale here in the U.S.

Let me know if you are interested.



I went Gperformance - I think they are the Amazon of sim racing!
Ordered early Tuesday Morning, Delivered in the states Thursday before Dinner time.
Very fair pricing and everything I needed was in stock.

Thanks Sawacs, I just got one last week so I’m no longer looking.

  • Jack

Guys I have just bought 2 X Simucube 2 Pro …and not together
…I bought them 2 weeks apart because I have 2 sons …and suddenly the other also wanted 1 …I bought from gperformance in Slovakia and it only took 5 days to arrive in South Africa. Dunno about after sales support though … but they seem super professional

Gperformance is great!

A friend of mine got a cube controls wheel from them and had a problem with the cord - Cube wanted him to work through Gperformance which he did and he said the service was excellent!

  • Jack