New Buyer Question - Cogging difference between sport and pro?

Hi, I’m considering moving from a DD1 to a SC2.

My DD1 has very noticeable cogging.

I recently tried a friends SC2 Sport and it felt perfect!

I just saw on another post that the Ultimate has more noticeable cogging than the pro.
Does this imply that the cogging on the pro is more noticeable than on the sport?

I’d like to get the one that has the least cogging, but the US supplier I just talked to said they only Stock the pro and not the Sport. I’m just trying to understand what the tradeoffs will be.


The SC2 wheel-series use the smoothest servos wrt cogging-torque of any dd available on the market at present. Ripple-torque is very well controlled by the algorithms Tero constantly improves, I know he is on a mission to make even further improvements to the already good drive-controller firmwares for these wheels.

Mika can add further comments on software side, hopefully Tommi chimes in from servo-side, but my experience has not shown any noticeable cogging differences on unpowered servos for the SC2 series, and like said, once powered, ripple-torque is very well managed.

Buy with confidence.


No, but in theory Pro may have slightly more cogging torque than Sport. However, I cannot tell the difference in this regard myself and whatever amount there is by design, is compensated away as much as possible by the servo drive electronics, (work that Tero does in our company). So, while powered (or turned off), I doubt that in this regard the difference in cogging torque can be felt by hand by more or less by anyone.

Simucube 2 servo motors have very little cogging torque as you noticed while testing your friend’s wheelbase, actually even though some have expressed critique towards Ultimate, the cogging torque in Ultimate model about ~20% of the bearing & sealing friction of the motor (which is very little in actual terms and especially when compared to the designed peak torque output of the motor, which is 70Nm but usable is 32Nm in our product).


I have a sport. If there is something better it’s from Simucube. Whatever you choose from these 3 models is top

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Thanks I do really want a sport, I love the small size and the lower weight - I’ll use it on a desk, so having a bit less to move around would be a big plus.

Hi! Don’t know if a desk is a good idea, to be honest. A Simucube2 only makes sense with a good set of pedals and a top wheel (or more). Open wheeler can’t be properly driven without a specially designed wheel while rally sims, NASCAR etc have different needs. Don’t know how you would attach the Simucube to a desk. Consider to buy something different as long you don’t have a rig. Maybe you ask Granite devices aswell. Doubt that they will tell you something different

Even the sport is 8 kilos. If you unpack it you can’t believe how such a small thing (maybe small is not the right word) can be that heavy. There are only 2 or 3 mounting bracket systems. The Simucube can’t be attached without them. No clamps, no mounting wholes for screws except the 4 in front. You will have the best DD and won’t be able to use it, immho.

It’s easy to make a solution to mount it to a desk. You should have seen the massive test-servo we used on Tero’s desk some years ago.

As long as the desk is sturdy, he will be fine. He can limit torque to acceptable level.

Edit: Ha, found Tero’s old test-horse for sc1 …big mofo…see the very sophisticated mounting clamp…

And the reaction once you tested it…

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Hi Philip! :joy: like the meme! Buying a Simucube is not a penny decision. I use a Playseat Alcantra and prior to get the sport I asked a friend to well some parts. Luckily I have no problems with the power of the torque at all. A desk could move and even start to travel through the room and to make the pedals going in the same direction is not predictable. Solution: fix all to the desk and then the desk to the floor (seat aswell…of course)


My desk is 1" thick - I’ve used it with the DD1 and it’s been fine.

I’m a VERY casual user - I like the truck sims, I like driving go karts in Rfactor2, I’ll occasionally drive in ACC. My casualness might make me a good fit for something like a logitech, but I tried one and I didn’t like feeling the gears. That’s what led me here…

I’d be completely happy running this thing with lower Peak torque than many people here if it removes the negatives I feel with my current wheel.

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Two off the shelf products joined together worked for my friend:

#1 Fanatec’s clubsport table clamp v2

#2 Sim-lab bracket with fanatec hole pattern:

If it’s ok for you then it’s perfect buddy!

Used the Logitech too and modded the shifter to sequential, which is easy to do and the sensation is way better like this. If you like to shift, BJ has a great shifter to an affordable price

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