New Argon Under Voltage Fanuc Servo

Recently (2weeks ago)got an Argon drive to see if it will work on my Fanuc servo and have a question regarding Under Voltage.

My hardware configuration:
-(Fanuc a3/3000)
-(UsDigital Incremental Encoder 2000ppr)

Problems arise when:
-After drive boots up the LD3 flashes error for Under Voltage.

Here is status of drive with faults lited.
○ Initialized !
● Error recovering
● Tracking error warn
○ Target reached
● Enabled
○ Run (drive active)
○ Homing active
● Braking
○ Permanent stop
○ Voltages good !
● Fault stopped !
○ Ready for use
● STO active !
○ Safe torque mode

○ Tracking error
○ Over velocity
○ Hardware
○ Over temperature
○ Feedback
○ Over current
○ Internal comm error
○ Power stage forced off
● Under voltage !
○ Over voltage
○ Motion range
○ Firmware error
○ Init
○ Motion
○ SimpleMotion
○ Configuration

The AC input voltage is 245vac 50amp circuit. The DC power supply is 24vdc 5amp.
Drive had Under Voltage fault before i was even able to do the first connect with Granity software. And only had the 24vdc and earth ground connected to drive. I have read that i should here relays click when drive is first powered on? Have not heard anything at all. What else do i need to check?

Thanks for any info,

Hi Troy

You don’t have STO disable signal present. Indicated as: ● STO active !

Argon has a safety relay that connects the HV voltage only when the STO has been disabled with a 24V signal.

Kind regards,

Hi Esa,
Is there documentation that shows how to do this?


Got drive fully enabled now.

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