Need the latest drivers NOW

Had 2021.11 installed and got a message about new firmware etc so updated from that message. Now I can’t start Truedrive as 2021.11 is too old and I need the newer version 2021.12 which is not available as the download link shows as Upcoming release (soon)

Basically, I have no force feedback and cant driver so can you send me the latest drivers now. I dont want to uninstall firmware as I hate touching it and I cant understand how you posted a message about latest drivers that included update for firmware that wouldnt work with the current version of truedrive

Really annoyed

Download 2021.11 + Hot fix, install that, when you first launch it, it will ask you to update the firmware, do that too, then you should be good.

All Truedrive releases are tied to a specific version of firmware bundled with each release.

I actually tried that before and it wouldn’t work. This time I uninstalled the truedrive completely and rebooted and installed the same ( I had the 22021.11 + hotfix before). And this time it installed but it didn’t ask me anything about the firmware update…

It must have been something else, as there is no update checking and no update notifications in 2021.11 or earlier releases.

I downloaded and installed the latest 10 days ago …its still in my downloads with the Compressed and Uncompressed folders. BUT apparently, something didn’t work because I saw from a pic that the version I had installed was 2021.9 and that was what gave me the update message and updated the firmware from.

I just assumed that it was the latest release that was due in December …I just think the software shouldnt update the firmware until after the proper truedrive version is installed

Sounds to me you did not run the correct executable. Try running the executable from the version you downloaded 10 days ago.

Is it possible to have 2 versions installed at the same time. Have a streamdeck that was linked to the old version and mostly used that. Anyway after getting 2021.11 installed and having it open I pressed the simucube on the streamdeck and I had the old 2021.9 showing after I had exited iRacing…and the error message . I updated streamdeck , in retrospect should have kept it on and had a good look

anyway, 2021.12 installed today and after I installed it and opened it IT THEN UPDATED THE FIRMWARE ie, after the truedrive 12 was installed

It is is possible to have several versions as there was not an install, users just unzipped the files and used that. Now that we have an installer that defaults to the same location, things are finally much easier.

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I remember when I had the SC1 I read that the new SC2 would have a much more powerful CPU, and a much better software, where you could update from within the software, what did I miss?

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