Need opinion ( heusinkveld )

hello everyone… I dont know If I can post on this forum about other manufactures, but lets try, if its a problem someone will for sure delete it, and Im apologize in advance if this is not accepted by rules.

I need help, opinion, whatever for my pedals…

I have heusinkveld sprint pedals and I love them very much…
I only think about upgrade on Ultimate’s or VRS because my loadcell for my driving style in Sprint are weak… I mean, If I put all HARDS rubbers on pedal setup, my pedal feel how I like and love, but, with that hard setup, I reach out maximum of loadcell pretty easy and my travel is ver short… so I must make pedal weaker ( medium + hard rubber ) to have to press MORE and not reach out maximum of load cell with nice travel… I dont like short ( f1 style ) travel…my english is poor, I understand your ocd when you read this, but lets forget about it, help me :smiley:


can I “modify” my SPRINT pedals with stronger loadcell? stock one is 120KG and 65kg pedal force… I dont need too much more load cell… I think 99% 140KG will be IDEAL for me… so I need 20kg more loadcell to put all hard rubber in pedals to not reach out max loadcell that easy… I dont want to upgrade my pedals if I can modify them with new loadcell and spare like 800$…

I hope you understand me, goodbye and thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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Load cell pedals are not about travel distance but pressure. I have a brake pedal from BJ with a 200kg load cell. Tbh for me the 125 whatever kg’s would be a little bit too low aswell. What BJ did is changing the design over time, and they added a special Nitroflex aswell. The brake isn’t that brutally hard no more, more of a good mix with the focus on the load.

What you can do:

Try to adjust it with the software. Maybe a non linear braking curve will serve you better.

Adjust in game braking gamma/linearity.

Increase deadzone, it maybe provides additional help.

Beeing happy with the brake is really something important for racing. If you are not/not anymore then you should think about changing to something different.

hello Clayregazzoni! thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

I understand what you mean with curve line in heusinkveld setup but I really dont like it…

I like full linear … because…when I put on curve line for brake… feeling is weird… I will try to explain… with linear mode… when I press brake, lets say, 80% and then I press more, precentage of brake raise up 1:1 with my leg moviement… with curve line… when I press, maybe 70% its ok… but after that brake input raise up extremely fast… much more then my leg moviement… its not 1:1 and I cant modulate like how I want…

by the way Im not noob driver, I have only 200 starts on iRacing and 6000 iRating, just starting to grind… but I feel I can be much consistent if I have 140-160kg loadcell instead of my 120kg…

but you remind me of one thing… in iRacing we have something called ( I think ) brake force… its a slider for adjustment… you can put this on 0 ( recommended for load cell pedals ) and you can put that on 5.00 ( recommended for g25/7/9 users )

but again, this is " fake " … I cant trust it because I dont want to adapt to something what is not right :slight_smile:

I listed the possibilities which came in my mind. I can’t tell you if they are good/better, this is something to “try and error”.

In the BJ pedal app (which I guess works the same way the Heusinkveld software does) I have also a linear brake curve applied.

Of course it also depends on the title you are racing in. Brake settings, among others, vary a lot.

Hope you find a good, not so expensive way to achieve your goals!!

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