Need opinion ( heusinkveld )

hello everyone… I dont know If I can post on this forum about other manufactures, but lets try, if its a problem someone will for sure delete it, and Im apologize in advance if this is not accepted by rules.

I need help, opinion, whatever for my pedals…

I have heusinkveld sprint pedals and I love them very much…
I only think about upgrade on Ultimate’s or VRS because my loadcell for my driving style in Sprint are weak… I mean, If I put all HARDS rubbers on pedal setup, my pedal feel how I like and love, but, with that hard setup, I reach out maximum of loadcell pretty easy and my travel is ver short… so I must make pedal weaker ( medium + hard rubber ) to have to press MORE and not reach out maximum of load cell with nice travel… I dont like short ( f1 style ) travel…my english is poor, I understand your ocd when you read this, but lets forget about it, help me :smiley:


can I “modify” my SPRINT pedals with stronger loadcell? stock one is 120KG and 65kg pedal force… I dont need too much more load cell… I think 99% 140KG will be IDEAL for me… so I need 20kg more loadcell to put all hard rubber in pedals to not reach out max loadcell that easy… I dont want to upgrade my pedals if I can modify them with new loadcell and spare like 800$…

I hope you understand me, goodbye and thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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Load cell pedals are not about travel distance but pressure. I have a brake pedal from BJ with a 200kg load cell. Tbh for me the 125 whatever kg’s would be a little bit too low aswell. What BJ did is changing the design over time, and they added a special Nitroflex aswell. The brake isn’t that brutally hard no more, more of a good mix with the focus on the load.

What you can do:

Try to adjust it with the software. Maybe a non linear braking curve will serve you better.

Adjust in game braking gamma/linearity.

Increase deadzone, it maybe provides additional help.

Beeing happy with the brake is really something important for racing. If you are not/not anymore then you should think about changing to something different.

hello Clayregazzoni! thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

I understand what you mean with curve line in heusinkveld setup but I really dont like it…

I like full linear … because…when I put on curve line for brake… feeling is weird… I will try to explain… with linear mode… when I press brake, lets say, 80% and then I press more, precentage of brake raise up 1:1 with my leg moviement… with curve line… when I press, maybe 70% its ok… but after that brake input raise up extremely fast… much more then my leg moviement… its not 1:1 and I cant modulate like how I want…

by the way Im not noob driver, I have only 200 starts on iRacing and 6000 iRating, just starting to grind… but I feel I can be much consistent if I have 140-160kg loadcell instead of my 120kg…

but you remind me of one thing… in iRacing we have something called ( I think ) brake force… its a slider for adjustment… you can put this on 0 ( recommended for load cell pedals ) and you can put that on 5.00 ( recommended for g25/7/9 users )

but again, this is " fake " … I cant trust it because I dont want to adapt to something what is not right :slight_smile:

I listed the possibilities which came in my mind. I can’t tell you if they are good/better, this is something to “try and error”.

In the BJ pedal app (which I guess works the same way the Heusinkveld software does) I have also a linear brake curve applied.

Of course it also depends on the title you are racing in. Brake settings, among others, vary a lot.

Hope you find a good, not so expensive way to achieve your goals!!

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The ultimate+ uses a 200kg loadcell but it’s calibrated at the pedal lever at 140kg. It should be enough. Mine is calibrated to 100kg as I’m simracing on socks. You definitely need a fixed bucketseat (non reclining) and a solid rig. Can I press 140kg? Sure but my left sole and lower back won’t like it :sweat_smile:

hey, I have fixed rig and full racing seat from tcr car… its only pedal… I need ultimate+ :slight_smile:

Do your research, Heusinkvield Ultimate+ are good functional if not dated design pedals, but not the top of the line these days. There are better priced and more importantly better built pedals with more features.
A good start.

Addition to the list in the linked article above, simgrade has few models that have some good reviews. for example R7’s are considered to be one of the most ergonomic there are (if you can rate them like that :slight_smile: )

I understand you guys and respect your advices… but I have 10 out of 10 expiriance with heusinkveld products and their support…they are perfect for me and I have huge respect to them :slight_smile:

I think most of us have… I have sprints too.

But to answer your original question. It’s possible but very difficult. Rest of the electronics is tuned to certain values of the loadcell and you would have to change the “firmware” at least to adopt to the new part. So not worth doing, especially if you are not familiar with pedals’ electronics in the first place.

Just out of curiosity, did you buy your sprints before December 2021? I mean is there a chance that you might have the earlier spec elastomers?

There is a firmware for the Sprints that let’s you calibrate and load profiles up until 85kg, but I don’t remember which version it was. All you had to do was save your profile, open the XML and edit the brakeforce to 85 and import it again.

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can you please help me with that broodro0ster? that would save me 1400$ ( for not upgrading to ultimate+ )

I think you need SmartControl 1.3 for that to work. It doesn’t work anymore in the later versions.
Basically save you profile to you computer. Open that XML file with a text editor and search for something like brake force. These are the kg’s you want to use. Change that to 85 or lower and load the profile again. You will have the same profile as before, but with 85kg.
This is not officially supported, but rather a bug in their software. Heusinkveld said they would still honor warranty if you used this trick.

I can’t check it anymore because I sold my sprints and upgraded to Simucube pedals.