Need advice to switch to SC2 Pro from Fanatec csl elite

Hi guys i’m Adrian and i live in Indonesia so apologize if my english not good enough.
I hope someone can help me to decide.

I am using Fanatec csl elite and Fanatec v3Inverted pedals since 2017 on PS4, the game i played the most is F1 and Dirt Rally. Now i want to upgrade my kit, i’m trying to find the best realistic simracing kit out there so i’m looking to upgrade my wheelbase to SC2 pro and of course i have to use PC as well. May you guys please give me your opinion and advice. Is it worth for me to do that ? And is it complicated or not for the guy like me who try to switch from PS4 to PC ? In my mind, using PC are much more harder/complicated rather than PS4.

Thank you in advance guys. Hopefully someone can help me.

Hi, like mentioned elsewhere, it is best to change 1 variable at a time. My recommendation is to change to pc first, get settled down and used to the sims, then change your wheel.

Where in Indonesia are you located? Once travel open again, I will visit to Jakarta at least 1 week/month, for the next year. So once you get your SC2 wheel, I might be able to help you with settings, provided you are close to Jakarta.

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