NASCAR Racing 2003 by Papyrus

In case anyone is interested . . . the classic NASCAR Racing 2003 by Papyrus (the original code base for iRacing) works very nicely on the Simucube. It will not fool anybody into believing it is Automobilista or Assetto Corsa with its FFB, as it is rather primitive. But it is functional, and actually useful and informative.

It was clearly written with no concept of the power that a DD wheel brings, so at first it was quite miserable. Impossible to steer. Don’t laugh . . . but it works best for me at 4.75a (19%) Overall Strength on my large Mige, with just 80 % gain in the game. Even then, it’s a workout on a 340mm wheel.

Works well with minimal filtering—with Recon Filter on 1 needed to get any road detail coming through.

It works, and after being absorbed in the modern road racing sims, I had forgotten how fantastic the AI in this oval racer is. And the graphics are actually nice, even working on my triples with minimal distortion.

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Just saw this post. I tried to get NR2003 to work with my OSW earlier this year when i first got it but I never could get it set up in game correctly. Like the game wouldn’t recognize the OSW when i was trying to map the controls.

What pedals and other peripherals are you using? One thing you must do in the game before assigning controls is use the in-game calibration and run all your analog axis (wheel, pedals) through their ranges. Then assign the steering and pedals axis.

Protosimtech PT2 pedals, Fanatec shifter and the Fanatec BMW GT2 wheel with a SRM USB adapter. I’m about to try it again and see if I can get it set up.

That shouldn’t be too many controllers. Bet the calibration will make it work.

Got it to recognize the OSW and pedals but it won’t shift gears once I get on track. The shifter worked before when I used a G27 with it.

I had heck with getting it to recognize buttons/shifters. Had to use JoyToKey and map to keyboard keys in game. For the h-shifter, it was a bit more complicated in JoyToKey…when I’m at my racing pc I’ll post a screenshot of my JoyToKey h-shifter scheme.

It’s a pain … But once working, NR2003 is still the best offline oval experience there is. And ffb ain’t half bad. You won’t get confused and think you’re in AMS or Assetto…but it’s pretty decent.

Here are screenshots from my JoyToKey configuration for a TH8A h-shifter. The issue is that JoyToKey needs to translate a shift to a continuously pressed keyboard key.

Thanks for posting that. I’ve never used JoytoKey and that looks quite complicated, lol. I may try to mess with it this weekend.